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Bipartisan Relationships

Ha ha ha, Berlanti! We meet again! And I'm just as happy about it this time around. Whee!

Previously: Tom Skerritt collected a paycheck, and then William took the Swim That Needs No Towel. Justin learned of the hanky-panky between William and Holly, and also that Saul was aware of their misdeeds. Also, William embezzled fifteen million from the family business, possibly heightening his blood pressure the teensiest bit. Sarah was named president of the business, to Tommy's chagrin; Kevin was gay but not nearly as gay as Scotty, and Jonathan proposed to Kitty, if you can call "using a large rock to control any stirrings of independence in your girlfriend" proposing. Phew!

We open on Jack, Kitty's boss, putting ice into a cup as Warren and Kitty, among a hanger-on or two, are presumably getting ready to tape their next show as Warren frets about his hair. When Kitty makes fun of him, he points out that she's worried about her appearance too, as she's changed her lipstick. Personally, if they're both so concerned, I don't know why they didn't collectively insist on getting a hair and makeup assistant. I know bipartisanship isn't the order of the day on this particular show, but surely an exception could be made in this case, particularly since Kitty is, to quote Sars's mom, wearing enough makeup to sink the Queen Mary. Jack makes a big Greek-chorus-of-one show about the lipstick, and then considerately leaves so Warren can inappropriately and horndoggedly ask Kitty out to dinner, name-dropping Fergie in the process. Kitty: "Warren, I'm not having dinner with you or Fergie anywhere. Ever." I'm not going to bother with a "half right" comment, partly because you all probably beat me to it, but mostly because it's my hope that Kitty actually does end up having dinner with Fergie before the end of the show's run. Warren temporarily concedes defeat and bails, and then a surly fortysomething woman named Lyla (who's totally played by Laraine Newman from Saturday Night Live, not that, even though I always thought she was totally awesome, I ever would have caught that without asks Kitty why she and Warren don't "just hump and get it over with." Kitty archly uses the Porky's franchise to deride Lyla's choice of slang, and when the woman who somehow managed to miss Death Cab For Cutie is telling you your lingo is dated, it might be time to get out of your groovy digs a little more often. Kitty then takes a sip of Jack's drink, only to discover that it's straight vodka. On another show, we'd get an exaggerated spit-take/round of gagging, but the Walkers are the booziest of WASP-y lushes, so props to Calista Flockhart for barely registering a grimace there. She does ask if this means that Jack is "blotto." Lyla: "Believe me, honey, you wouldn't want him any other way."

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Brothers and Sisters




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