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City Limits
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Previously: Mom coordinated a massive terrorist attack, poisoned Dad, sent her sons off into zombie territory, and then distracted Gray from her evil deeds by suggesting he investigate Hawkins.

The increasingly questionable captions tell us that it's now one month after the bombs. Interesting. So apparently ten days passed in between "Walls of Jericho" and "Federal Response." We open where we left off last time, with Eric and Jake driving. They've reached the part of Kansas that is actually flat, and are zooming along a two-lane road. Well, that's where the car is. Then we cut to Jake and Eric sitting in the car and golly, it looks like someone's trying to revive rear-projection. Maybe it's greenscreen, but if so they've done a tremendous job of making it look like much crappier technology, so well done. Eric tells Jake to slow down, maybe because the lanes on the road just vanished. Or maybe because they're approaching a car that's crashed near what looks like an orchard. Jake says, "I'm not stopping 'til we get to Rogue River." As they pass, we're treated to a view of the wreckage of the overturned car. A woman's body is artfully draped next to it. Eric moans that they can't leave her lying "in the middle of the road." Which she wasn't. Jake says that there was a second set of skid marks. I didn't even notice a first set. He says, "Someone forced her off the road, and probably robbed her and killed her. Johanna suggests that maybe Jake recognizes the tell-tale signs because this is something he used to do himself. Personally, I think it was just a giant Gila monster. Jake says that the miscreants could still be lurking nearby. Yo, Jake, look around. See all that nothing? Unless you think these Mad Max fans you're worried about hid their car in one of those trees, there's nobody around for miles. Jake concludes, "This is the world we live in now." And these are the giant, irradiated hands we're given.

Hawkins Homestead. Darcy opens her oven and reveals a cloud of smoke, and also a pie. Samuel, who's been let out of the basement for good behavior, boggles as Allison enters to gasp that "it worked." Darcy says, "Your father is a very smart man." Comparatively. There's a knock at the door, and Darcy goes to find Gray asking if Hawkins can come out and play.

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