The Fug Girls Interview

Savvy readers will already be very familiar with the lovely and talented Fug Girls, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, of Go Fug Yourself, who mock celebrities' unfortunate fashion choices daily, for our bitchy pleasure. But did you know that now they've taken their trademark snark to a book? Go buy it! I'll wait.

All right. So Heather and Jessica were in town last week to promote the book's release, and graciously made time in their schedule to have lunch with me to talk about fashion, politics, the Oscars, and who was in rehab as of press time.

Wing Chun: For the people who don't know, tell a little about the history of Go Fug Yourself.

Jessica: So, Heather and I have been friends for years and years and years. Of course, we met because we were both writing for TWoP, since back in the Mighty Big TV days.

Heather: Since way back in the day.

WC: I think even some of the newer writers on staff might not know that you used to write for TWoP.

J: Heather moved out to L.A., and we were shopping at the Beverly Center, and there were all these movie posters, and all the kids on them looked hideous. And we were like, "What is up with this?"

H: Wonky-eyed, and badly outfitted. And we were like, "What thirteen-year-old is going to be like, 'I need to see this movie where the cross-eyed girl wears pants shaped like a mushroom'?" It was the worst thing I'd ever seen.

J: It was terrible. So I started cracking up, that this is what the kids are doing today, and we're too old and crotchety to get it. We were getting all punchy and, of course, thought it was the funniest thing we'd ever done, while realizing that we were really punchy and it maybe wasn't that funny to other people. But we just started the blog as a joke for ourselves, and it just took off from there. I mean, I think one of the big reasons it did so well is that Defamer linked to us a lot, but also, we had so many readers from TWoP, like my X-Files readers, and Heather's ER readers -- all the people that followed us.

H: And recappers threw us links, on the site.

J: Yeah, that was a huge help.

H: That was sort of how we drummed up traffic, and it grew slowly. I remember the day we got our thousandth visit.

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