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Boys And Girls

Jan is chairing a meeting in the DM-Scranton conference room with Pam, Angela, Kelly, Phyllis, and Meredith. What do all those people have in common? Whatever you do, don't ask Dwight. Pam THs that she doesn't know what the deal is with the whole "Women In The Workplace" thing Jan is foisting on them, but she does know that Michael isn't invited. Naturally, Michael crashes the meeting with some of his bullshit that poorly hides the fact that he's really worried about the break room being turned into a "lactation room" like in Albany. Wait until Hannah gets here, Michael. Jan kicks Michael out. In a TH, Michael clearly is being driven crazy by being excluded, and naturally worries about the possibility that the women are all talking and complaining about him. Which explains why we just saw him making sure that they would. Jan tries to get her meeting back on track, and Pam quietly interrupts to tell her Michael's still lurking outside the open door. "Michael!" Jan snaps, sending him scampering.

The whole thing seems to be freaking out Jim and Dwight too, although to widely varying degrees. Jim's vague fears are put to rest by turning and getting a Pam eye-roll through the open door. Whereas Dwight frets about the women's menstruation cycles getting into sync.

Michael decides to fight fire with fire, and calls a meeting of the guys right outside the conference room. He has them all clap for no other reason than to make a lot of noise, which draws an irate Jan out of the conference room to tell them to go somewhere else. "We have nowhere else, Jan," Michael victims. But when Dwight suggests the warehouse, Jan jumps right on that idea and sends them on their way. As she snaps the blinds shut behind him, Michael realizes that the warehouse is, after all, the perfect place to make his point, whatever that point may eventually turn out to be. As he blathers on about the manliness of it all, he leads the guys out in single file. Except that Toby, at the end of the line, drops off and closes the door, looking at us with a conspiratorial finger to his lips. "Managing the warehouse is a very important part of my job," Michael THs, "and I haven't been there in months."

The office guys enter the warehouse with some trepidation. Except for Dwight, who quietly smirks at us, "Remember on Lost, when they met the Others?" Actually, no.

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