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Michael is waiting by Reception so he can give Kevin a hard time for showing up late when he comes in. Kevin shows up, having barely survived a tire blowout on the way there. "Pop quiz: why is today a special day?" Michael asks him obliviously in front of everyone. "I almost died," Kevin repeats. But Michael is excited because he gets to be a "visiting professor...special...lecturer emeritus..." Ryan explains that Michael's going to be a guest speaker at his emerging enterprises class. "In business school!" Michael crows. Ryan THs that bringing your boss to class bumps you up a full letter grade. "So I'd do it, right?" Um, wrong. But we'll get to that. Michael THs about being the cool teacher, like his former teacher Mr. Handell. Who was so cool he even "hooked up" with one of the students, and then a dozen more came forward. "Really ruined eighth grade for us," Michael recalls. Oh, ew.

Dwight helps Michael pack up a satchel of books (including a Trump one) as Michael asks Dwight what was the most inspiring thing he ever said to him. "'Don't be an idiot,'" Dwight answers. "Changed my life." Which time?

Ryan's driving Michael to his class, while Michael wonders if everyone will throw their hats in the air so he can say, "May your hats fly as high as your dreams." Ryan is already regretting this.

At Reception, Roy tells Pam how much he's looking forward to her class's art show that night. And Pam THs that she's happy to be back with Roy. Jim pretends not to care. Convincing yawn there and everything.

Kelly gushes to Pam about how much Pam and Roy are in love now. Pam hands her a flyer for the art show, and Kelly promises she'll totally be there. She totally won't.

Michael and Ryan walk across the quad. "This brings back memories...that I would have made," Michael says. Seeing a group of guys tossing a Frisbee around on the lawn, he decides to join the game. So he runs up, catches it, and flings it out of sight, eliciting from one of the players a confused and annoyed "...Dude..."

At the copier, Dwight gets all excited upon finding a small pile of "animal stool" on the carpet in front of reception. Looking up, he spots a tiny hole in the corner of one of the acoustic ceiling tiles, and runs to his desk for his penlight and dentist's mirror. What, you don't have those in your desk? Climbing up on the reception desk and lifting the tile, he thinks at first that he's found a trapped bird. Until it turns out to be a bat, and he recoils in panic. Just about everyone else does too, as the bat comes down and starts swooping around, freaking everyone out (except Creed, who just sits and watches, and Stanley, who walks out with his coat over his head, saying, "Goodbye"). Eventually the bat flies into the empty conference room, and Dwight shuts it inside.

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