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Michael’s Birthday

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Michael's Birthday

Michael has all the guys gathered in the conference room, telling them that they're all going to get rich selling calling cards. Everyone is doubtful for various reasons, and Michael gets kind of irritated with everyone's attitude. Especially Toby's, at whom he snaps, "When the son of the deposed King of Nigeria e-mails you directly asking for help, you help!" Jim asks how this isn't a pyramid scheme. On a fresh flip-chart page, Michael draws a diagram indicating how he and another guy were recruited by "Phil," and now Michael is recruiting people, and so on. While he's yammering, Jim wordlessly gets up, takes the marker, and draws a triangle around Michael's diagram. Almost a pyramid shape, you might say. This takes a moment to sink in. "I have to make a call," Michael finally says, leaving.

Michael enters the office dressed in a flashy pinstripe suit with a cobalt-blue shirt and headache-inducing tie. Why is he dressed like a record-company executive? Well, it's his birthday. He claims that everyone in the office goes crazy (all evidence to the contrary), and mentions that he has the same birthday as Eva Longoria. which will be a perfect icebreaker if she ever meets Teri Hatcher. And then Teri Hatcher can say, "Hey, my character is a pathetic, desperate, needy, socially awkward misfit, too," and Michael will say, "Too?" and then there's that ice again. By the way, my birthday? Same as Cary Grant's. I'm just saying.

Kevin arrives late, and Michael makes a big show of forgiving him, overflowing with birthday-boy magnanimity. Note also that Kevin is wearing a zip-collar sweatshirt over his shirt and tie as opposed to his usual suit jacket. It's still brown-grey, though, so it's not too jarring. Jim THs that Michael's birthday is kind of an event; Michael eats too much cake, runs around, has a sugar crash, and falls asleep. "And that's when we get our work done."

Kevin sits in the break room, alone with a soda. Meredith comes in and asks if he's heard anything. He hasn't. Hmmm.

Dwight comes into Michael's office, wishes him happy birthday, compliments his suit, and asks to be in charge of planning the festivities. Michael says the party planning committee has it covered. Dwight starts to say something about how he's reserved something or other, but Michael cuts him off to save the surprise. And then they "raise the roof" together, badly enough that...well, let's just say it's a good thing the roof is already up there.

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