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Safety Training

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Safety Training

Andy returns to the office, telling Pam that he prefers to be called "Drew" now. We get a little flashback of "the Andy Bernard incident" as Andy (I'm not calling him "Drew") tells us that he's a new man with a new attitude -- hence the new name. Jim also declines to call Andy "Drew," which Andy pretends not to get pissed off about. He just smiles like you do when your shoes are on fire. Dwight is dodging the name issue entirely by having simply decided to ignore Andy for three years (much as Dwight was himself for an extended period of his childhood for not saving the oil from a can of tuna, which, as is always the case with Dwight, explains a great deal), and Dwight tells Jim to tell Andy that he's being shunned. Jim tells Andy the opposite, and adds that Dwight says he doesn't know anything about bear attacks. Dwight worriedly tells Jim some important facts to relay to Andy, but when Jim refuses and Andy leaves, Dwight is left to hiss at Jim, "Damn you." So there's a clear difference between simply shunning someone and wanting to watch him get mauled by a bear because they don't know you shouldn't try to escape by climbing a tree.

Michael says that it's safety training day. And instead of just listening to Toby's boring presentation, they're also checking out the one down at the warehouse. "And if I know Darryl," Michael promises, "it's going to be zoppity."

Darryl is on crutches, for some reason, as he leads the office staff on a tour of the warehouse, particularly the section of the tour that focuses on how Michael is NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE THE FORKLIFT. Darryl THs that they have safety training once a year, or after every accident. In a rare continuity blunder, he says they've never made it a year, even though the lost-time accident board clearly had 936 the last time we saw it. Or maybe it just read 9:36, as in AM. On this most recent occasion, Darryl tells us, "someone" kicked a ladder out from under him and said:

TH of Michael in his office, guffawing, "Hey Darryl, how's it hangin'?" Hence Darryl's broken ankle.

Back to the tour, where Michael has just mistakenly called Madge the warehouse employee "Pudge," because he seriously thought that was her name. Darryl shows everyone the baler, a big red machine that looks like it could crush a car engine. Darryl says that it can indeed crush a car engine. As he's talking about how dangerous it is, and why nobody from the office should ever go near it, Kevin bets Jim that over fifty people have lost their arms in one per year. It turns out to be only ten, but Jim offers to go double or nothing, as Oscar overhears them and wants in on the action. Meanwhile, Darryl yells at Michael about never, ever, ever going near it.

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