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The Carpet

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The Carpet

From his desk, Jim looks up toward Reception. Where Ryan looks back and asks, "What?" By way of explanation, Jim THs that Pam's on vacation and is returning tomorrow, and reminds us that Pam's getting married in June. Another look at Ryan. Ryan THs that he "would be creeped out, but it's nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me." Of which we get a demonstration this very second, as Ryan looks up to see Michael's nose pressed against the glass wall of his office. Michael pretends he wasn't looking at anything at all. Badly.

Pam's back! Shortest vacation ever. When Michael arrives, he makes up for a missed week's worth of obnoxious greetings on her first morning back, and then heads into his office. But he's all but physically driven back by a horrid stench when he opens the door. The camera gets the merest out-of-focus Blair Witch glimpse of something on the carpet on the far side of Michael's desk. You can only see, like, the bottom edge of whatever it is. Which is just enough to tell you that it is not. Friendly. Kevin comes to investigate, and Michael sends him in to check it out. And then he shuts Kevin inside to try to force him to identify it. In another expedition, a group of people all go in together, then duck back out. All except Dwight, who stands over the out-of-frame mess like he's working a crime scene. Michael thinks it's the product of a burst pipe, but Toby thinks not. Creed arrives for the day with a new theory of his own: "Somebody makin' soup?"

Later, a masked cleaning lady comes out of Michael's office, presumably having removed But the smell remains. Michael THs about this being like his own audition tape for Fear Factor. Naturally, it's a short tape.

Jim arrives and wants to hear all about Pam's vacation, but he's a little distracted at the sight of masked warehouse guys carrying Michael's furniture out. In a TH, he assures us that it wasn't him. So does Ryan, struggling to keep a straight face. Back in the bullpen, Jim watches stuff leave Michael's office. As for Michael himself, he's parked at Jim's desk, offering to be "desk buddies " for the day. Jim doesn't really see how that would work (at least in any remotely tolerable sense), and points out that there's a desk open in the back. And when Michael doesn't move, that's where Jim goes. So the question is: was it Michael or Jim who found the more unpleasant surprise in his workspace this morning?

So now Jim and Kelly will be cube-mates for the day, as Jim takes the desk that used to be Toby's until Toby's "allergies" forced him to leave. Somehow, Jim still doesn't know what he's in for.

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