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The Fight

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The Fight

Dwight walks into the office, pauses at reception, and demands to know where his desk is. Indeed, where Dwight's desk should be, there are only a couple of scraps of trash on the carpet. "That is weird," says Jim, like he's just noticing. Dwight rails about how not-funny this is, and he's very, very wrong. Jim tells Dwight to relax and think where was the last place that he saw his desk. Dwight demands that the culprit reveal him/herself, which I love, seemed like he was onto Jim back at "Count Choculitis," and now it's like he's regressed. "I think you should retrace your steps," Jim advises straight-facedly. Dwight threatens to tattle to Michael, which is pretty much his go-to position. As Dwight stomps toward Michael's office, Jim simply says, "Colder." Dwight stops. He moves again. He and Jim hotter-colder along until Dwight locates his desk. Which is in the men's bathroom. Intriguingly, there is a phone cord strung into the bathroom and Dwight's phone is ringing. Dwight sits in his chair, facing the stalls, and answers. Hey! It's Jim, who wants some information about discounts. "Jim, I've given you this information like twenty times," Dwight complains as he pulls out a binder, momentarily ignoring the fact that (1) the desk is in the potty; and (2) Jim obviously put it there. At the moment, there is only the job to do. Kevin emerges from a stall holding his beloved scented candle. Jim and Dwight finish their call. "Wash your hands, Kevin," Dwight says in frustration.

Credits. Go, copier, go!

Jim and Dwight are both on the phone when Jim realizes that Dwight is calling someone "sensei." His ears perk up, and obviously, he'll have to call back. When Dwight hangs up, Jim asks if that was his mom. Dwight says it was his sensei. Dwight is sempai, which means he's the assistant sensei. "Assistant to the sensei?" Jim asks. "That's pretty cool." Dwight THs that he does karate. That's "kara-TAY," as you can imagine. We see footage of Dwight in a karate class -- full of children. He explains that "Ira," his sensei, has made him a purple belt and also made him sempai. Americans don't know what that means, but it's just as good as sensei, according to Dwight. I already feel bad for Ira, and I haven't even met him. He didn't make up the concept of a sempai, but I wouldn't have blamed him if he had. (Interestingly, the first generic explanation of a sempai I encountered online kind of sounds like Dwight could have written it.)

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