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The Fire

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The Fire

Pam answers the phone, with Jim in the foreground, and the way her expression freezes is your first hint that this is not a business call. And it seems to have something to do with Jim, given the anxious look she shoots at the side of his head. When he takes the call, his flirty "What? How did you get this number? Stalker!" is your second hint regarding the caller. It's Katy, you see. Remember Katy? She sells handbags. She was thisclose to letting Michael seduce her with an Arctic Chill. Pam THs that Jim and Katy seem to be dating now, and she explains in a tone of stuttering, neutral good-wishy-ness that they seem to be having a good time. She's listening to herself so hard to make sure she's saying all the right things that she stops and nervously says she feels like she's talking really loud, and asks if she is.

It turns out that Jim and Katy are planning to have lunch, and when Jim's off the phone, a loose thread of Pam's discomfort suddenly shows when she calls over to Jim and tells him somewhat pointedly that he could just give Katy his extension. The words "so that I don't have to put your girlfriend through every time" go unsaid. For once, Jim seems definitively oblivious. He's unprepared to notice, so he doesn't.

Credits. I do enjoy watching Dwight shred that credit card. And the noise: "Rrrrrrrr! Rrrrrr! Rrrr -- wuuuuuh."

We are in Michael's office, where he grandly explains that now that Ryan has "had a few laughs," he's asked what Michael thinks of his performance. Ryan clarifies that it's his agency that wants to know. Ryan himself is typically apathetic. Dwight THs that Michael is evaluating Ryan but hasn't evaluated Dwight in years. Oh, Dwight. You're both pretty! In Michael's office, Dwight asks what Ryan's plans are. It turns out that Ryan is in business school and wants to own his own company. Michael, wrapping terror in contempt as is his tendency, pronounces this "ridiculous," then THs that Ryan will now be attending "the Michael Scott School Of Business," where Michael operates as a combination of Mr. Miyagi and Yoda. He says to Ryan, "Much advice you seek," in what is meant to be his Yoda voice, and he makes the mistake of asking Ryan whether he recognizes the voice. Ryan tentatively guesses, "Fozzie Bear?" Michael unhappily corrects him, then says that Ryan needs to learn ten rules of business. One of which, I presume, is "learn to distinguish Frank Oz voices." Michael "thoughtfully" bites his thumb, posing as usual for the photo shoot in his head, while explaining to Ryan that the first rule is that "you have to play to win, but you also have to win to play." Ryan responds with a simple, polite "Got it," and Michael tells him he'll get the other nine rules at lunch. Ryan is undoubtedly giddy at the thought.

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