The Merger

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Merger Day Massacre

Last week on Survivor: On the verge of the merge, Gervase made an upsetting cow-ment, but Joel took the fall. Tagi continued its plotting to rule the world. Or at least to rule its twenty-by-twenty foot stretch of beach.

This week Stayfree shows up in a commercial about leeches, and surprisingly she's not cast as a leech herself. If we want proof that Survivor isn't a staged production, we need only watch Stayfree's acting disabilities in this brief appearance as she faces the difficult challenge of jogging and speaking at once. Such range.

Just Peachy shows up at "Rocky Point" on Day Nineteen. He tells us the ten remaining members of Tagi and Pagong will merge in three days, and that they will now compete as individuals against each other. We see various shots of the S10 going about their business and an odd shot of a very suspicious-looking Jenna as she winds some twine waist-deep in the ocean. Peachy dramatically says, "What kind of world will they now create?" He then tells us something we actually haven't already heard one hundred times: that in order to begin the process, an "ambassador" from each tribe will "assess the livability of each other's camp" and have a "summit" on the "sand spit" to determine where the two tribes will live. Jenna is Pagong's ambassador and Sean is Tagi's, and we're shown very pretty pictures of each of them in which Jenna wears a new dark blue sarong purchased at the local Pulau Tiga Target.

Sean is guided to Pagong's beach by Greg, and Jenna is guided by Kelly. According to Peachy, this is the first time they've seen each others' camps. Richard says, "Our camp is way better than theirs, just from talking to them. They don't have a living room with benches, never mind a decent kitchen. I think our house is better from what they've described. We have fish." Ah! The almighty fish! Or something that looks like a fish, anyway. Jenna volunteers to Kelly that Pagong has been unable to catch fish, and Kelly asks when they try, thinking Jenna might say right after a big rock concert or during the tribe's synchronized swimming competitions, but it turns out the teams fish at the same time and maybe Tagi's success has something to do with their fishing spear.

Sean hikes with Greg and says, "But yeah, we got the gay guy, the gay compassionate guy," which is right in keeping with Talking Rudy Doll's sentiment that, "He's fat but he's good." Sean says that Sue "says whatever the hell's in her mind," and we cut to a shot of Sue saying whatever the hell's on her mind, which happens to be, "We like having company over here at camp." She's worried that they don't have "a whole lot to offer for lunch" and this to me sounds like when the Big Bad Wolf invites Little Red Riding Hood over for "dinner." And we all know it does no good to befriend dinner. Sue's gonna have Sean for an appetizer, Pagong for her entree, and Just Peachy for dessert.

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