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The Return

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The Return

Dwight's on the job market, with his three résumés and his three words to describe himself in job interviews: "Hard-working, alpha male, jackhammer. Merciless...Insatiable...." What kind of job is that an interview for? In the meantime, he has joined the staff of Staples as one of its elite corps of redshirts. Break's over, Dwight. Back to the sales floor.

Andy has taken over Dwight's old desk, and it's really not an improvement, since he's now annoying Jim -- and everyone else in the otherwise quiet bullpen -- by playing them his cell ringtone, which happens to be Andy singing all four parts of "Rockin' Robin" a capella. Alas, if only Dante were alive to tell us which circle of Hell Andy is bound for as punishment for this abomination. Andy then sucks up to Jim, "even though [he's] younger and [has] less experience." He refers to them as "Andy and the Tuna," complete with a musical number to the tune of "Benny and the Jets." "I miss Dwight," Jim THs while snow falls past the window behind him. "Congratulations, universe. You win."

Michael THs neutrally about Dwight's departure, and the camera pulls out to reveal Andy hovering behind him, getting on his nerves by downplaying the loss and generally not making any sense at all. The good news is that Oscar is back.

"How was your gay-cation?" Kevin asks Oscar, who congratulates him for the witticism that I totally forgot about when I used it several weecaps ago. "I thought of that like two seconds after you left," Kevin says. Angela's greeting to Oscar is not quite as warm, but not for the reasons you think.

Andy comes into Michael's office for no reason, and it weirds Michael out so much to be the annoyed rather than the annoyer that he gets up to visit the loo. Andy offers to walk with him, since he's going to the kitchen. Michael's "Boundaries much?" face is pretty good, probably because he's had so many similar expressions directed at himself. And then Andy stands outside the men's room listening to Michael flush and congratulating himself on all the face-time he's getting with the boss. Creepy.

Angela gathers up her courage to ask Oscar to join the party planning committee. "The one with all the women? Because I'm gay?" Oscar asks touchily, while Kevin snickers his ass off. The thing is that Angela is trying to apologize to Oscar, and because he's not aware of the real reason for her distraught state, he accepts rather than risk sitting there while she totally breaks down. Kevin asks to join too. "Never," Angela sniffs.

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