Ben Was Here

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Ben Was Here

Previously on Felicity, Ben denies leaking the news about Greg's criminal past; Richard and Carol Nanning are elected co-presidents; Richard tells Felicity how he found out Greg; Felicity agrees to go away with Greg for the weekend and they hit the road for Rhinebeck; Ben buys a train ticket to Rhinebeck.

This episode opens with establishing shots of a country lane which Felicity and Greg are driving down in a newish-looking sedan, to reach their B&B. They walk into their huge room, which contains one of those hokey shelving units that looks like it was made from half of a rowboat, but was more likely fabricated in a Southeast Asian sweatshop out of endangered wood. There's also some kind of animal pelt rug and a pot-bellied stove in the corner of this spacious log cabin-type structure. Felicity blithers about how beautiful the place is and how she can't believe that it is only two hours away from the city, which makes her feel like she's "on another planet." That would be the planet of the Bad and Manipulative Boyfriends. It's not even a nice place to visit, so I don't know why she insists upon living there so often. They get all kissy-faced and declare how happy they are to be there. Meanwhile, a station wagon taxi bumps down the same country lane delivering Ben, whose mission it is to drive the snake, that is Greg, out of Eden. Ben hops out of the backseat and the driver tells him that the fare is "twelve bucks." Ben gives the driver some money and says, "Thanks, Jerry." Jerry wishes him good luck "with the girl." Just then, Felicity and Greg walk out of the door and Jerry asks,"Is that her?" Ben confirms that it is Felicity and he ducks out of sight as the taxi pulls away. I guess Ben has recounted his tale to Jerry on the ride to the station. That must have been some high-speed bullet train that got Ben to Rhinebeck so fast.

At Dean & Deluca, Sean is behind the counter in a D&D shirt and hat, explaining to Javier what "shream" is. Sean says, "It's one cube with sugar [and] cream, mixed in." Javier thinks "it sounds fantastic." Sean asks, "So, you'd buy these?" Javier doesn't have to answer that question because the phone rings and he has to answer. Javier excitedly tells Sean that it is Ben, who is "up in the wild green yonder" calling and he hands the phone to Sean. Ben, who seems to be hiding behind a barn or something, lets Sean know that he's found Felicity and Greg but he hasn't talked to her yet. Sean asks if Ben is calling from his (Sean's) cellphone. Ben admits that he is and Sean says, "Okay, I take your shift, you take my phone. That, that, that doesn't work, Ben." Javier grabs to the phone to say, "Benjamin, Sean is like a ten times better worker than you are. He's here on time, he's clean..." Sean is not impressed with Javier's accolades and he grabs the phone back to tell Ben that he is waiting for an important call about the Docuventary and he wants Ben to answer the phone, "Blumberg Productions." I don't know why Sean wouldn't have noticed that his phone was missing if he was waiting for such an important call and wouldn't he give out his home phone number too? Of course, that wouldn't add much excitement or humour to this scene, so really, that question was pretty rhetorical. Ben promises Sean he'll answer the phone, "Blumberg Productions" while Javier jumps up and down and says, "This is so romantical, I can't stand it!" Then Javier grabs the phone from Sean and shouts, "Just tell her you love her!" Ben says, "Fine," then hangs up and Sean is still yelling, "Blumberg Productions!"

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