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Apparently Olaf dropped Lacy off at the spaceport and didn't look back because she's just chilling with her backpack when we meet her again. None of the security guards seem to recognize her as the girl that got one of them killed one time, but then honestly if you were Lacy wouldn't you kind of be hoping for some attention from a security guard right now? "Yeah, I blow people up occasionally but mostly I'm a teenage child and they're shipping me off-world so that I can be indoctrinated."

As if Lacy needs to make sense in order for this show to accomplish its mandate. Which mandate, and I'm quoting here, is now "Less dancing, more shooting" when it comes to the robots. Or as incoming showrunner Murphy says, it's time to "butch them up." And if you don't understand why this is all so disheartening, then you'll probably love this show, starting now. Precisely now, that they're doing their best to turn this show into every other show you've ever seen. Not that it will help, because the TV industry is a bunch of crabs in a barrel, a great ship with sixty steering wheels and zero rudders that entirely depends on getting praised for your ability to turn the wheel, regardless of where the ship is going.

Which I bring up not because I'm going to say the things we all say when this happens, or to talk about the motives of Syfy that brought us here, but because science fiction people are continuity people. They want it episodic and they want all the toys back in the box at the end of the day, and will spend lifetimes connecting continuity for themselves in a way that makes the most satisfying sense. And that's a pursuit, but it's one that is ultimately futile. And last year with Doctor Who this predilection nearly caused me to have a breakdown, because it's not the way the world works. So we can say that Caprica is a chimerical thing with the head of a robot and the body of a mermaid and the tail of a big strong stupid ox. And the ox part is where we're at now.

But when we talk about this show in years to come, which we won't, we will talk about it as though it were one strange creature, and it isn't. It's three barely connected creatures. The analogy here is that there are the people who love Chris Claremont's X-Men or Grant Morrison's, or Joss Whedon's, and then there are the people who love the X-Men, full stop. And most of the people you're likely to meet, regarding this show or any show, are the latter. It's ontologically painful to separate out the various shows we've been watching, when so much of them share so much on the surface, because they seem to be the same show. And hopefully when you get ahold of a franchise, or a doomed show like this one, you show respect for what's gone before -- but it's not a requirement.

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