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Keeping Up Appearances
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We open on the blurry face of Queen Victoria. Emanda voice-over: "As Hamlet said to Ophelia, 'God has given you one face and you make yourself another.' The battle between these two halves of identity -- who we are, who we pretend to be is unwinable." Victoria is blurry because her and Conrad are being photographed for a high-profile feature story in the local newspaper about their 25 years of marriage. The reporter covering the story sits across from them in their parlor and asks what has gotten them through all these years. Conrad reaches for an answer and surprises himself with, "Love and respect," and goes on to BS her about going through things that bond you as a couple. The follow up question is: "What is the one thing that has bonded you forever?" Victoria looks like she wants to blurt out, "The framing and destroying of an innocent man!" but instead cites the birth of Daniel... oh, and that Charlotte girl, too. Queen Victoria has had enough of this charade (hey, that's the name of this episode!) and calls out to Ashley to take the reporter on a tour of the grounds so Victoria can escape the insanity. Conrad follows Victoria up to her balcony where she's fuming and sick to her stomach about being presented as the perfect Hampton's couple while Lydia lies in a coma and they have no idea where Frank is or what he's doing. Conrad's not worried because Frank has cashed his severance check, and for all they know that means he's no longer a concern. Lydia is also under surveillance so they'll know if she wakes from her coma. The 25-year mark is usually when you have to start worrying about comas anyway, so I don't see the big deal here.

Emanda drives her smooth Lexus convertible over to Nolan's bachelor pad. She's surprised to be greeted by a rather large man at the door who asks for some identification. Nolan enters to call off his new body guard. "It's okay, Big Ed!" Ha! Emanda questions Nolan's choice of hiring help, but she didn't almost have her kneecaps blown off by Frank, did she? Oddly, she's there to remind Nolan of his debt to her father since the altercation with Frank spooked him enough to renounce his involvement in her plans. Is it possible she actually needs Nolan? He agrees to step back into a consultant role. Emanda begins to ask for some hacking of a hospital's records, but Nolan interrupts with an update on Lydia's condition and asks who the next target is. Daniel? Emanda very clearly states Dan is not a target and Nolan should already know that. Interesting. Mention of Daniel brings out the sleaze in Nolan. He reminds Emanda that she could always just drop all of this revenge business and go be with Jack, but perhaps she's actually falling in love with Daniel. Emanda's not amused. "You're just a consultant, remember?" she deadpans before walking out.

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