Come Over to the Dark Side

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End of the Road
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The tribe returns from Tribal Council, still quite stunned at what just happened. Dawn immediately tells the bro-lliance that she's impressed by what they did. Reynold claims that they weren't trying to enact any huge strategy; they just really wanted Phillip gone. Nice try, dude. I'm not buying it. Cochran says he's just glad he never has to say the phrase "Stealth R Us" again, and everyone laughs. Malcolm interviews that he's hoping that the alliance of six will fracture with Phillip gone because otherwise he's screwed. Erik interviews that he's now able to talk to people that Phillip didn't want him talking to, and his goal now is to decide which group to vote with based on what's best for him.

The next morning, day 29, everyone is just sitting around camp, staring off into space. They all agree that they had a miserable night and they're exhausted. Cochran interviews that last night's Tribal Council was astounding, but today, everyone is just hungry and tired. Brenda breaks down crying and Dawn of all people tries to comfort her. Not that Dawn can't comfort people, but it's rare that she's not the one crying. Brenda interviews that losing control of the game has got her scared, and the lack of food is weighing on her heavily (no pun intended). Looks like the majority alliance just got handed a dose of reality, and have figured out that they will eventually have to turn on one another. Then again, I don't know why they're so scared; a crazy scenario like what just played out won't happen again in a billion years.

Later that day, Cochran retrieves tree mail, which consists of nine envelopes. They all know that means it's auction time, and they celebrate. They each get $500, and Malcolm interviews that he's looking forward to winning an advantage in the game, since he needs that more than food right now. But he would really like some food.

Probst welcomes them to the auction, and they all walk in grinning. Probst reminds them that bidding is in $20 increments, and they can't share money or food. The first item up for bid is a cold beer and peanuts and Malcolm quickly wins it for $20, and gets two additional beers and some pretzels. Malcolm walks up and downs the first beer in one go. That seems like a terrible idea, given his lack of food and tolerance. Then again, do you really want to sip it and let it get warm? I guess it depends on how much you like beer. Malcolm interviews that he prepped himself to skip all the food items and save his money for a game advantage and then he bid on the first thing that came up. Oops.

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