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Felicity makes a tape to Sally. She explains that the Dean & Deluca manager, Abby, is going out of town for a few days and has left Felicity in charge. Felicity thought that Abby hated her because she never looks her in the eye. Being left in charge is kind of a trial run, because there's an assistant manager position open, and if Felicity does well, she'll have that job and a raise in the fall. Felicity is nervous, because she's never managed anyone before. As Felicity explains this, we see her trying unsuccessfully to tie her tie for work. She finally gives up and walks down to Noel's room to ask for help. So of course, Noel has to stand behind her and practically feel her up to get it tied, like he couldn't just put it around his own neck and tie it and then give it to her like a normal person. Noel finishes and pronounces it "very managerial." Felicity says she has to go and runs out. Noel looks around the room, clearly thinking about rubbing one out. Felicity pops back in and says that the "just friends" thing is very confusing. Noel agrees. Felicity thinks it sucks. Noel agrees. Felicity nods and leaves.

Felicity works at Dean & Deluca. Ben walks in and asks if he can work today, because he needs the money. Felicity asks if he's okay. Ben just wants to work, so Felicity tells him to go ahead and she'll figure something out. He walks into the back, and Felicity looks worried. Curtis Armstrong walks up. I'm just going to call him Booger, after his character in Revenge of the Nerds. He's quite the sad sack. Booger informs Felicity that one of the pie plates broke and he can't find the first aid kit. Felicity tries to blow him off because she's busy, but he holds up his hand, which is covered in bright red blood. Felicity finds a bandage and hurries Booger into the back before customers see him.

Abby tells Felicity that she's leaving and manages to get through the entire scene without looking Felicity in the eye. Felicity thanks Abby for the opportunity and says she thought maybe Abby hated her. Abby says seriously that she might, and then promises to discuss the assistant manager position when she returns. Felicity looks kind of freaked out. Abby says that she'll also need Felicity to fire Booger. Felicity thinks Abby should do that. Abby says she could, and that she probably should, but that she's not going to. She pops on a pair of sunglasses and finally looks Felicity in the eye. Felicity tries to smile bravely and then looks over to see Booger practically falling over the bandage as he tries to wind it around his hand.

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