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Mother, Mother
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We begin in flashback. Little Amanda floats unconscious underwater. Emanda voiceover: "They say, 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' " David Clarke's muffled voice can be heard from above. He swims into frame, pulling Amanda from the water, and then carrying her to the shore. Kara emerges from under the water as well and follows. When she reaches David and their daughter, he growls at her to stay back. VO: "And to be without sin requires absolute forgiveness." A crane shot pulls above David performing CPR on a lifeless Amanda. VO: "But when your memories are freshly opened wounds, forgiveness is the most unnatural of human emotions." /FLASHBACK. Ems wakes up from her dream and allows herself to sob for just a moment before sitting upright. Aiden notices she's awakened upset, so she explains that she's realized why her father lied to her about her mother being dead. It was to protect her. Sensing an opening, Aiden suggests that's why he also chose to withhold that he'd found her mother, and also this little nugget that he'd hidden from her until now: Gordon was Kara's husband. Aiden would like to continue helping with Emanda's quest to avenge her father. He can start by using his status as Takeda's proxy at Grayson Global to infiltrate their company and destabilize it. As far as the romantic part of this plan, though... Emanda: "I needed someone. You walked through the door. Don't let it go to your head." Ems, you sound just like the next ex-Mrs. Pablo G.

Grayson Manor. With a general disdain for life, Victoria dethorns a vase of long stemmed roses. A maid informs her that she has a guest, but Victoria wants no part of any guests at this time. From behind her, we hear Kara softly utter the Queen's name, freezing her blood. She turns to see the woman she thought had long been dead, like a deer in a ghost car's headlights. Kara sidles up to her and takes Victoria in a sudden embrace. Victoria tightens her fist around her pruning shears and rigidly returns the hug.

Grudgingly accepting 3D title card and commercials

Victoria has just finished giving Kara the grand tour of Grayson Manor. We're hearing the end of the type of small talk that only a psychotic woman on the lamb and an ice queen can have -- Kara noting that building the house on the beach allows Victoria to see her enemies coming. The conversation turns to Gordon, whom Kara admits she's had slight contact with recently, but nothing to tip off her true relationship with him. Victoria assumes Kara is in the Hamptons because of Amily's accident, to which Kara thanks Victoria for being so generous as to invite her into the fold. It's the least Victoria can do for a girl whom tragedy seems to follow. Mentioning Amily's awful past triggers the crazy in Kara. She had been toying with one of Victoria's roses throughout their conversation and now suddenly has decided to intentionally prick herself on one of its thorns. She sheepishly asks if she can go wash up. The look on Victoria's face: "You are all sorts of fucked up. I hope you brought your own hand towel because you're not ruining my nice ones."

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