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A young girl shows her mother her latest work of art. Mom compliments the girl's drawing of a farm and its various animals. Some "supermom" this woman is: you never assume what your child is drawing because, more often than not, what looks like a horse is really supposed to be a bear. SuperMom then hangs out in the kitchen with other not-quite-as-super moms, giving them tips on a dish that involves Haas avocadoes. Ha! Show me people on the East Coast who habitually use Haas avocadoes in their recipes and I'll show you some people who are habitually disappointed in the taste of their food. Last time I was on the East Coast, I had some avocadoes in my sushi that were crunchy like carrots. Never again. SuperMom then gets a phone call about some work project that isn't going well, and takes a minute to admire her friend's pregnant belly. Friend nosily asks SuperMom if she's had any luck in the makin' babies department. "Not for lack of trying!" SuperMom SuperOvershares.

SuperMom heads into the living room, where her husband is watching some kind of sports event on the TV. SuperMom pauses the television to tell her husband about all of the things she'll be doing today while her husband sits on his ass, and then has a weird arm spasm. She brushes it off...

...but has another one as she's on her way into the car, which she also ignores. The third time it strikes, it can't be ignored, as it takes over all her limbs while she's starting her car, throwing a rather humorous chain of events into motion: the flailing leg presses on the gas while her spasm-y arm throws the car into drive. None of her out-of-control limbs sees fit to land on the garage door opener, though, so her plow into the garage is quite destructive indeed. SuperMom sits in her car, twitching and flailing away, until her husband finally gets off his ass to see what's wrong.

Wilson and Cuddy are shocked to see House come to work on time -- early, even -- smiling at people and wearing a clean, ironed shirt. Wilson is assigned to investigate further and follows him to the elevator. House cheerfully greets Wilson and asks how the hospital was while he was gone, since he is apparently just returning from his trip to Baltimore that we saw a month ago. If it's supposed to be the next day, New Jersey must have gotten hit with one hell of a warm front, since all that snow that cancelled airplane flights has melted and everyone's wearing spring clothes. Or maybe House just decided to hang out in Baltimore for a month.

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