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Did we really need another Mr. Sloane?

Previously on Alias: Silkwood showers for everyone! Also? Vaughn told Syd he loves her, then disappeared with the Nightingale coil and went rogue. All in an effort to find his not-so-dead father. Jack and Sloane were in cahoots to an alarming extent, and Marshall saved the day, but really didn't when Syd was let out of the Silkwood chamber courtesy of the man who may now grow a tail and some ears and possibly…scales.

Okay, so, we start with one of those "48 Hours Earlier" things that, really, I think I've made clear I DON'T PARTICULARLY LIKE. In a nutshell, we're in a tunnel and there's shooting and guns and people in masks, and then Dixon shoots a couple of people and then runs after some other people who are escaping through a door. Dixon runs. The people run. One of them falls and Dixon shoots. The fallen person shoots back and Dix shoots the person dead. The other person shoots Dixon three times in the chest. Dix falls back against a wall, his breathing labored. The shooter walks up and removes his mask. It's Vaughn.

Hell-Lay. 48 Hours Earlier. What'd I say about the damn "earlier" bullshit, huh? It's been done. It's over. Don't do it again. NO ONE LISTENS TO ME. Whatever. It's being done again and Sydney's being called to Sloane's office. Sloane asks if Vaughn's contacted Syd. Syd's all, uh, don't you think I would have mentioned that? Sloane's all, oh, sure, yah, except for the fact that we pulled Vaughn's phone records and we have a clear indication that the dude sent you a text message, girl. Why don't you be more honest wit yo Uncle Inappropriate, cher? Sorry. I may have spent too much time in New Orleans.

Syd rather curtly informs Sloane that, yes, she got the message. But it was just Vaughn contacting her to tell her he was sorry for hitting her. She didn't think it was important. Sloane's like, uh, dude? He disappeared with some serious technology. I have no choice but to notify Langley. Syd states that Vaughn isn't a traitor. Sloane just says that, out of consideration for Sydney, he'll give Vaughn forty-eight hours to either return or contact him with an explanation. In the meantime, Vaughn's status will be withheld from the rest of the Apple Store. Sloane asks for Syd's assurance that if Vaughn contacts her, she'll notify him and the rest of the company. She gives it, and leaves.

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