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Daring Aeryn To Love You

It's Scorpy, tellingly, giving us the previouslies. Mine are going to go a little differently, and also I moisturize: previously on Farscape, Earth said in no uncertain terms that John and his family on Moya and in fact everybody -- including Aeryn, for Pete's sake -- could go straight to hell. This provided the last little push John needed to say that in fact the whole universe could go fuck itself, and he sold Scorpius wormholes (which also means that, post the terms being met, Scorpius will have no use for him either) for his aid in locating his girlfriend. Whereabouts unknown (absent without leave) but with a whole lot of explaining to do. So you've got John, willing to conspire with demons and his own darkness, and to hell with everybody else, including himself, because without Aeryn none of those things mean anything anyway.

Aeryn sits in a cell on an unknown ship. The walls and bars are made of jagged metal. Her wrists are in chains. "There was one guard. I don't remember her face. She never told me her name. She told me a legend about how Sebaceans once had a god called...Djancaz-bru. Six worlds prayed to her. They built her temples, conquered planets...and yet, one day, she still rose up, and destroyed all six worlds. And when the last warrior was dying, he said: 'We gave you everything; why did you destroy us?' And she looked down upon him, and she whispered: Because I can."

Scorpius follows John through Moya, protesting that Aeryn may well be dead. "The Scarrans will not kill her: they want to use her, to find me." Scorpius explains about how the Scarrans operate, and it is not good: "They will mind-rape her until she has no allegiance to you." John interrupts, no time for violation: "I'll find her before then." Scorpius knows better than anyone how long even Aeryn can resist them. John orders him to stop talking. "I'll find her." Again Scorpius tries and again he is denied: "I just want to make you aware of the improbability of what you propose..." John screams; Scorpius asks for John's plan, then, if he's going to be uppity.

Scorpius follows John into another room. "Don't interrupt before I finish, no matter how stupid it sounds." Scorpius sighs. "John..." John holds up a hand and recaps how the Stark that Sikozu could be -- on the weirdo Moya, which get ready for some recapper crack right there -- said "Katratzi," and then the Sikozu that Sikozu actually is heard the same word when Aeryn was kidnapped. And John's convinced that this is a Scarran base and that Aeryn's being held on it. John confirms -- because union rules state that John must ask every person on this show eleven thousand times if they know where Katratzi is, even though he now knows for a fact that they don't -- that Scorpius has no idea where it is. Scorpius gets his feathers ruffled a little bit here because he doesn't know about the rule. "So I figure if bizarro Stark knows the name of the base, he might know its location. That's it. Best I got. You got any better ideas?"

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