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Previously on Gary It On: Lydia challenged Princess Stephenie's claim to food, causing a dust-up in which pizza was revealed to be the equivalent of steak and lobster, which came as a welcome surprise to a lot of people who are allergic to seafood or are cheap. Gary tried to plot with the increasingly unhappy Lydia, but he only succeeded in solidifying a final four made up of Steph, Rafe, Judd, and Cindy. Rafe edged Gary for immunity in that silly challenge they always have where Jeff turns into Mother Goose and then you have to run around from booth to booth like you're tampering with voting machines. Thus, the die was cast, and the quarterback took his final bow. Or sack, or whatever. I'm thinking the Sequesterville discussion between Bobby Jon, Jamie, and Gary wasn't very cheerful, and without giving away any of what's to come, it probably didn't get any friendlier after this week, if you get my drift. I envision heavy use of the word "bitches," followed by Gary telling people to watch their mouths. Six people left. One final four alliance and a couple of stragglers. What will happen next?

Credits. I know there was a Brooke, I just don't remember anything about her.

For once, we do not open our episode in night vision, but instead in the light of Day 31, the morning after the booting of Hogey. This presumably means that the immediate aftermath of tribal council did not include vengeful staring or shocked indignation of the sort normally associated with fallen survivors such as Jamie and...well, mostly Jamie. The increasingly isolated Danni pounds some corn on a rock alongside Lydia, and voices over that, with Gary gone, she's clearly next to go. Rafe looks down at one of his hands as if he's hunting for stigmata. In other exciting news of this particular morning, Lydia swears that she smelled sausage and eggs this morning, and that she was not dreaming and was not crazy. Judd explains that this is probably just Steph farting. A general discussion of eggy-smelling farts follows, and I'm reminded again of how quaint it is that you can show this on television, but boys kissing makes people boycott your show.

Danni sees the entire fart discussion as some sort of cover for people's true feelings, just as it so often is when it occurs at fraternities. In this case, it's being undertaken, in her opinion, so that people don't have to talk about how tense the "heated tribal council" was, like when Judd was called out for all his endless lying. Which was indeed pretty awesome. Danni goes on to say that she was able to sort of sit back and watch what went on last night, and she's right. She has stayed remarkably clear of personality conflicts thus far. For whatever reason, the bored tribe next entertains itself with a gymnastics competition of sorts, in which we see a lot of Danni's ass in her really tiny shorts -- or possibly swimsuit bottoms -- that actually seem to be getting smaller. During this competition, we also learn that Judd is quite a bit more...lithe than one might expect. Who decided it would be a good idea for Judd to learn to do a round-off? Maybe he went to juvenile boot camp and all the spaces were full in karate, so he took acrobatics. Or I could go for the image of him twirling about with a long, curly ribbon on a stick.

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