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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke
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The familiar waves of the nighttime ocean open yet another episode. Emanda voice-over: "In its purest form an act of retribution provides symmetry... the rendering of payment for crimes against the innocent." Fade cut into the waves crashing at dusk. VO continued: "But the danger of retaliation lies in furthering the cycle of violence. Still, it's a risk that must be met... when the greater offense is to allow the guilty to go unpunished." Whiteout fade cut.

Emanda violently bursts through the backdoor curtains of Casa Emily still soaking wet and covered in blood from her encounter on The Amanda. Nolan follows closely behind trying to calm her down after she's just witnessed the death of the closest thing she'll ever have to a sister. She's probably also weighed down by the thought of having to decide where to donate all of Amily's clear high-heels. All of the logic spilling from Nolan's mouth is pouring in one of Emanda's ear and out the other as she removes her bloodied coat. Waiting for evidence that the Graysons put Nate up to attacking the Porters and waiting for news on Jack before heading to the hospital where Nolan dumped him are both good ideas, but Ems doesn't want to hear them. She searches for her gun. Her hands tremble from all of the adrenaline as she pops in a clip, and continue to shake when she goes to wash off dried blood in the kitchen sink. Nolan continues to ask that she take a second to ease up, prompting Ems to snap at the suggestion that she relent when she's covered in the blood of one of the only people she's ever loved. Aiden enters the front door, oblivious to the whole situation. He's greeted immediately with the news that Amily's dead before Emanda stomps upstairs. Nolan advises Aiden that it's best if they just give her a minute. Upstairs, Ems changes clothes and comes across the locket necklace Ams gave her as she was dying. FLASHBACK: Ams repeats her last words about Emanda giving her the one thing no one else could: a family. She puts the necklace in Ems' hands. /FLASHBACK. Emanda opens the locket, peels away a picture of Jack and reveals a photo of the two girls when they were teenagers. It sends Ems over the edge. She sobs uncontrollably. Finding old Glamour Shots will do that.

Later in the day at Grayson Manor, Conrad gets Nate's voicemail recording, and it sounds like he's been trying all morning to get through to the guy he last knew was on a boat with nefarious plans that may or may not have involved murder. Victoria is more concerned that they have not been in contact with that creepy Trask guy because there's no way of knowing if the Initiative has bought off on the idea that Amily was responsible for Helen Crowley's disappearance. Daniel interrupts the conversation with his very slowwww realization that the family is still in every bit of danger they've always been. Conrad tries to dissuade his son of that notion, but gets interrupted by Declan and Charlotte coming downstairs in a commotion because they've just been informed that Jack was shot. Victoria and Conrad barely react to the news. They both go white as ghosts, though, when Charlotte tells them that Amily's whereabouts are unknown. Dec and Charlie depart in a hurry, leaving Daniel to fume at his parents for causing more bloodshed. He's at his limit. Dan vows to shut the Initiative down and storms off. Conrad's phone rings with that call from Trask they've been expecting. Trask says he's recovered Helen's personal effects, but he's reserving judgment on whether Amily was responsible until they can find her. Conrad offers to come meet him, causing Trask to just hang up. Now that they're alone and not entertaining terrorists on the phone, Victoria asks what the Initiative has done. It's time for Conrad to come clean about his conniving deeds with Nate Ryan.

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