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It Ain't Over Til The Fat Man Cries
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We kick off the reunion show with a montage of Natalie's greatest moments: Li'l Russell making a deal with her (followed by an interview where she says her plan is to make people think they should take her to the end because they can beat her -- which is exactly what happened! I'm honestly impressed with how well Natalie played Li'l Russell), her sucking at challenges, her doing really well in challenges (lest we forget how she basically won that flag-placing reward challenge for her team), when she killed the rat, and finally when she got Erik voted out. Probst has changed from his khakis into his Reunion show outfit, like, way to dress to the nines with a fitted sweatshirt there, guy. He congratulates Natalie on her win before asking her what made her finally decide to come on this show after a lot of back-and-forth about it during the casting process. Um ... why did they cast someone who wasn't sure if she wanted to do this show in the first place? When will they fire that horrible woman who makes these terrible casting decisions? Natalie says she just decided she had to go for it. Probst points out that she had to give up her job to do so, which also meant giving up a company car, "the insurance" and "the gas." Yes, I'm sure free gas was a real sticking point for Natalie there. Come on, Probst. Natalie says that she did indeed have to quit a job she loved as well as the benefits that came with it, including health insurance. That's a shame, because she's going to need that insurance when Li'l Russell runs her over with his company car. He is looking pissed OFF sitting next to her right now. By the way, props to Natalie's job for not letting her just leave work for over a month to appear on a reality show. Not in this economy!

Probst asks Natalie what the impact of this show has been on her life aside from the million dollar prize. She says it was a "very humbling experience" and showed her the difference between wants and needs. "You really don't need a razor to survive," she says, as the camera cuts to Shambo for some reason. Is the director trying to tell us that Shambo could use a razor, perhaps to chop off that awful mullet? Probst asks Natalie what her key move in the game was. She apologizes to Erik and says it was when she convinced the Galu women to get rid of Erik. And that's it for Natalie! Now let's talk about Probst's favorite subject besides Probst: Li'l Russell. Natalie rolls her eyes awesomely, no doubt knowing that her win will now be entirely overshadowed by her loser ally. He asks Natalie how her alliance with Li'l Russell "worked." Natalie says they were a team and they talked over decisions. We get a close-up of Li'l Russell, and he is crying. He's totally crying! He got second place and $100,000 and he's crying that he didn't get first. I don't think we've ever seen someone this bitter about not winning before, especially not after he's had quite a few months between the Final Tribal and now to prepare for a possible loss and come to terms with it. Obviously, Li'l Russell never really thought he was going to lose. Which is probably the reason why he lost in the first place. Anyway, Natalie says that Li'l Russell was obvious in his moves and took both the credit and the blame, while she stayed behind him and was more subtle in her game. She says they played very different social games, and that was why she won and he did not.

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