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Ruining The Camp
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Following Alina's boot, Libertad return to camp and sulk around the campfire. NaOnka criticizes Marty's "outburst" at Tribal and says she feels bad for Jane because she couldn't defend herself against Marty's vicious attacks. All we saw Marty say to Jane was the truth, and Jane couldn't say anything in response because he was right. But nice job letting everyone continue to think you're a defenseless old lady, Jane. NaOnka says that if Marty attacked her like that, she would have hit him back "really really really really hard." With what? I don't think Marty gives a shit what NaOnka has to say to or about him.

Meanwhile, Chase is worried that Marty's words might have turned Brenda against his precious Jane. Brenda shrugs and says that was expected behavior from Marty and not a big deal to her. "Unbelievable," Chase mutters. Did they edit out the part of Tribal where Marty whipped it out and peed on Jane? Because I don't get it. Nothing we saw him say or do to Jane was that bad. It turns out that Jane was wise not to take Marty's bait at Tribal, as when she tries to speak out against him in an interview, the best she can do is call him "Mr. Farty," although she probably spells that "Farti." As she calls him a jackass, we get a shot of Marty picking his nose in night vision, which is so unfair since he probably thought he was safe from public view by picking his nose in the dark. At least he didn't get caught farting on camera, like NaOnka did last week. Jane promises us that she's stronger than Marty physically and mentally, so she won't change her game because of anything he said.

The next morning, Marty's trying to figure out who wrote his name down last night. He thinks it was either Chase or Holly. Wait, what? Does he think Chase or Holly would have voted for him and not Jane? Marty whines that it's very frustrating for him to have to play this game with such stupid people. Yes, it must suck not to be surrounded by genius gameplay like attacking the popular and seemingly defenseless older woman at Tribal Council and making everyone feel uncomfortable. He says he hopes what he said about Jane got through to people, but still realizes that he could be the next person to go if he doesn't come up with a good plan. So that's what he did. He details this plan to Dan and Ben: they make everyone think they're voting for NaOnka next so she'll play her idol, but then they'll actually vote for Jane. That way, Jane goes home and NaOnka loses her idol. Meanwhile, Jane is sitting, like, right behind him apparently listening to every word and trying to glare Marty to death.

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