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The Paper Chase

Previously on Felicity: Felicity told Noel that Ben got Lauren pregnant; Lauren's moving to Arizona, and Ben might go with her. Ben asked Felicity to go to Arizona with him, but she said she can't because she's just starting to figure out what she's going to do with her life. Ben told Lauren that, legally, he could try to make her stay in New York City, and that she needs to take him into account when making decisions about the baby.

Ben shows Sean a picture of his baby from an ultrasound. Sean thinks it looks just like Ben because it has a "big nose, squinty eyes." Ben points out that Sean isn't even looking at the baby's head. I'm with you, Sean. I can never tell what the hell I'm looking at until about the eighth month. Basically, I'm Rachel Green. Sean asks whether the fact that Ben has a picture means that he and Lauren are getting along, and whether Lauren is still going to Arizona. Ben says that she hasn't decided yet. Sean tells Ben that he needs to get a lawyer. Yes! He definitely does. Just get one on retainer; even if things go swimmingly from here on out (which you know they won't), they should get their visitation agreement in writing. At the very lease, they should get a mediator or something. Ben doesn't want to get a lawyer. Sean says that the baby is as much Ben's as Lauren's. Sean starts baby-talking to the picture. Ben looks disgusted and says that Sean really scares him. Sean tells Ben to shut up because he's bonding with the baby. I hope this doesn't mean that Meghan is going to get pregnant before the show ends. Sean continues to talk to the picture while Ben looks disgusted and frightened.

Felicity walks in and asks what they are doing. Sean looks uncomfortable and says, "Nothing." Ben explains that Lauren gave him an ultrasound picture. Felicity asks, "Of the baby?" No, of her gall bladder. Sean tells Felicity to check it out. Ben says she doesn't have to, but Felicity wants to. Sean points out all of the baby's parts, including "that thing between the legs there." Ben admits that Lauren told him that the baby is a boy. Felicity is amazed and smiles. Sean suggests that "Sean" is a great name, and that a kid named "Sean Covington" would really go places. Felicity, looking somewhat conflicted, says, "Congratulations."

I don't need a new version of me, but I'm starting to think that I'd like to see a new version of the final episodes of this series.

Meghan sits at Felicity's desk, loudly typing on a laptop. Felicity sits on her bed, looking through various books and acting annoyed by Meghan's loud typing. Finally, Felicity asks Meghan to "type a little softer," but Meghan refuses. Felicity finally asks what page Meghan is on, and Meghan says that she's on page twenty-four. Felicity says that she hasn't even picked a topic yet. Meghan is shocked, since the paper is due the next day. Felicity says she she's had a lot going on, then realizes that she hasn't told Meghan about Ben and Lauren, so she amends her statement to say that she's referring to her architecture project and her studio work. Meghan says that she knows about Ben and Lauren, and says that she wouldn't want to work on her thirty-page Art History paper either, if she knew that she was going to lose her boyfriend "to some boozy hag in Arizona." Heh. I have to wonder why Meghan (a Psychology major) and Felicity (an Art major) are in the same Art History class. I'd think Felicity would be more advanced than that in the last semester of her senior year. But given the many academic oddities throughout this series, I'm just going to let it go. Felicity says that she's not going to lose her boyfriend, and that Lauren doesn't drink anymore. Meghan tells her to forget it, and starts noisily typing again. Felicity tries to go back to work, but then asks if Meghan heard about the ultrasound. Meghan did. Felicity says that when Ben was looking at it, she could feel him drifting away. Meghan apologizes for what she said and assures Felicity that Ben isn't going anywhere. Felicity knows that Ben says that, but she wonders what will happen when the baby is actually born and Ben has a son. Meghan suggests that Felicity take an Incomplete on the paper and do it over the summer. Felicity says that she can't, because she needs the class to graduate. So graduate in August! What's the big deal? Meghan advises Felicity to go to the dissertation section of the library and copy a paper on art history, because her friend Earl does it all the time. Is this the same friend Earl that she dissed at the Fetish Ball? Because I don't think that he is in any way someone to emulate. ["On the other hand, he's probably so busy building gadgets for SD-6 that he has a hard time keeping up with his course work." -- Wing Chun] Felicity doesn't want to do that, and says that she'll figure something out. Meghan knows that Felicity will, and she'll probably get an A on it too, which is why Meghan thinks that Felicity is "so annoying." Seriously? Felicity should just pull an all-nighter and write the stupid paper. Thirty pages in one night is not unheard of. I mean, we can assume that she's done well in the class thus far and even if she gets a D or an F on the paper, she'll still pass. Right? Or, ask for an extension.

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