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Waiting in the Wings
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Previously: Ivy got all cracked out and collapsed onstage at Heaven on Earth; Derek smarmed at Karen about her (invisible) talents, making Dev super jealous; Tom and Sam met cute, despite the fact that Tom is dating cute Lawyer John; Julia had an affair with Not Adam Pascal and her boring husband, Shrek, found out and left her; Ellis attempted to assert himself, and Eileen crushed him. This week: THURMAN!!

At the rehearsal space, many, many people are sitting around, waiting. Karen asks Girl Dancer what happens if "she" doesn't show up. "She," as we learned last week, is movie star Rebecca Duvall. And apparently "she" is super late. Julia freaks out on Derek and Eileen about Rebecca's absence. Actually, she shouts it. Eileen discloses that Rebecca's in Cuba, which makes two of Eileen's new financial backers, played by actual Broadway producers Manny Azenberg (like, all of Neil Simon's plays) and Robyn Goodman (Avenue Q), pull her aside to say they're quitting this dog and pony show if Rebecca doesn't magically appear. Somewhere, Ivy's nose is itching. Wait, that's the meth.

Downtown, in Dev's ludicrously enormous office (isn't he, like, an assistant press secretary to a deputy mayor or something? Even Jack McCoy didn't have an office like that), the lovely girl he's going to cheat on Karen with after she sleeps with Derek* says she "just heard." Dev confirms that the smarmy Denby, from that episode where Karen went to Dev's work party and tried to shmooze his competitors, got the job that Dev was up for and is now Dev's boss. Dev, maybe you should sing a damn song about it if you want it to be of any interest to anyone watching this show, oh my God. Lovely Girl asks what Karen said, and Dev says he hasn't told her.

*My prediction track record is not so good.

Back uptown, Julia and Tom are bitching about why Rebecca Duvall missed meeting the investors. ("Some goodwill mission, with Sean Penn." In... Cuba?) Derek calls them in to work and hails Karen with a devastatingly sexy and not at all demeaning finger snap. The trio tells Karen they want her to understudy Marilyn. She tells the dancers, and those TRAITORS giggle and hug her like Ivy isn't right this minute throwing a shit fit that is crumbling the very foundations Manhattan is built on (those foundations: discarded Metro cards and cigarette butts, mortared with dog poo). "She's never going to be able to hack it," Smirky Boy Dancer smirks to Sam. "Especially after Ivy breaks her kneecaps," Sam replies, because someone in this room knows what's up. Karen is delirious.

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