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The Foster Parent Trap
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We're back in the bleakness of Amanda's foster home when she and Eli were kids. Amanda reads in the dark with a flashlight from "The Society Connection" for probably the hundredth time. Emanda voice-over: "In the art of war, if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the approaching battles." When she's reached her limit of disgust, she pulls out a big, red marker and marks an "X" over her father's head in one of the photos of them together. Someone opens the door to the bedroom, startling Amanda. She accidentally drops her book to the floor and pretends she was asleep under the covers. It's just little Eli. Amanda's surprised to see him because he was adopted by some family. He just says that they made a pact to always stick together, as he holds his hand up for Amanda to take it in hers to show solidarity. VO: "But if you know only yourself and not your enemy..." Flash to present day at Casa Emily where Ems sits in front of her laptop reading news articles from when she was in foster care. "...For every victory, there will also be defeat."

Aiden walks in, noticing that Ems doesn't seem to be acting too urgently on their Falcon lead. Nolan's on that, she says. Instead she's worried she's found out that Eli has been in contact with their foster mother Meredith Hayward, who was a horrible lady who took in kids nobody wanted so she could collect checks. All of the kids she cared for have become either drug addicts, prostitutes or are dead. That's better than raising a brat, though, isn't it? Aiden doesn't like the emotional toll this is taking on Ems. He thinks she just needs to get rid of Eli. She will, but she won't hurt him. Emanda changes the subject to Grayson Global. Nothing's really happening there ever since Aiden got his seat on the board. They both know Daniel will only confide in her, so she picks up her phone.

Daniel answers as if he's talking to a Mr. Taylor. Emanda immediately gets the hint that he's covering his tracks and facilitates a fake conversation while still arranging a real meeting for lunch tomorrow. When they hang up, Daniel asks Grace to make a reservation under the name "Taylor." Even Grace thinks something's weird about that since the name "Grayson" would get a better table. Dan's like, "Uh... uh...," and blames the paparazzi for him wanting to stay low in public. Lady Gaga must've been the last thing to play on his iPod, I guess.

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