We’re So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

Previously, Chiana tells us, John snagged Aeryn off the Katratzi way station, leaving Scorpius behind. And now on Farscape: whirling jagged strips and stripes of metal bite and catch at Scorpius from every angle as War Minister Ahkna asks him where it hurts -- "Here? Or here?" -- and frells him again. He pants under her heat breath and is obviously in great pain; she stops for a sec and tells him even "the smallest secret" might earn him an hour's peace. "I've been searching my whole life for a female like you," he says lasciviously, and buzzes his tongue at her like his anagrams are showing. She's grossed out, hitting him once more with the heat, and he throws back his head and screams. Much like with Sikozu, you have to wonder if this is actually a problem or if he's really hitting on her or...I don't know. It's Scorpius. He dresses like that on purpose.

Lo'La flies on with the family inside as we get our explanation of what's happened between chapters. Rygel and John discuss whether or not the Plan is genius or madness -- "You know there's a very fine line between the two" -- and Rygel says the difference is that geniuses make plans. Aeryn: "We're going to walk into the most heavily guarded base in the Scarran Empire, start a civil war, and walk out with Scorpius. What part of that do you not understand?" Ah. So we're all caught up now, then.

Sikozu and John grin at Aeryn because of her awesomeness and also that of the plan. Rygel wonders how the two of them can even believe it'll work, and D'Argo tells them Lo'La's finally been spotted. Down below there's an awfully ravaged planet; Lo'La flies down between the Scarran freighter and a Peacekeeper Command Carrier. Sikozu answers the Scarran hail, then tells Chiana the intriguing thing she just said, which was that they were escorting John Crichton, who wants to join the negotiations. I love how between each episode fifty awesome things happened and we're just getting on with it. I wish we could do this in real life. Like we'd meet for coffee and you'd say, "Remember? It's just like when you got your MBA." And I'd say, "Or that time you lost all that weight!" And then we'd talk about remember when I met David Walliams and we got gay married on a mountaintop, and wasn't that a to-do. Chiana thinks maybe telling them they've got John Crichton in the backseat is a great way to get blown to hezmana, and then the Scarran transmission comes through with docking clearance, and Sikozu sniffs at her. It's hard to remember he's a player, because he's never played the whole time.

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