Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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False Teeth and False Hope
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Everyone returns from the crazy Tribal Council where Malcolm convinced Reynold to give him his Hidden Immunity Idol and then it turned out that neither of them needed to play it anyway. But now the Stealth R Us alliance (I hate to call it that but it's not just Favorites anymore) knows for sure that Malcolm has turned on them, so they decide to have an immediate meeting.

That leaves Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold to discuss how their situation isn't THAT bad (it's pretty bad). Malcolm says that Phillip gave away their strategy at Tribal Council (except he didn't, because Malcolm thought everyone was voting for him and no one voted for him). Meanwhile, Stealth R Us are all convincing one another that they're in great shape (which they are, because they have numbers).

Malcolm and gang decide that they need to get up early and look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, assuming Reynold's will be hidden again. They console one another by saying that they'd rather go out on their own terms than be Phillip's puppet. You keep telling yourselves that, from your seats on the jury. Meanwhile, Stealth R Us does a little cheer and as they walk away, Cochran holds back and makes the "twirling finger by temple" motion to let us all know that he knows Phillip is a nutball.

The next morning, Cochran and Phillip talk about the possibility of beating Dawn in the finals. Cochran says that he used to think Dawn was impossible to beat, but not anymore. Phillip agrees that Dawn has betrayed a lot of people and she's not great in challenges either. Suddenly, they both hear Dawn crying out for Brenda to come quick and, kind of hilariously, neither of them makes a move to investigate what's wrong. They're both kind of like, "Eh, Dawn's hysterical again. Must be Tuesday." Everyone else at camp hears it too, and finally Brenda takes off at a jog to find out what's up.

She finds Dawn standing on the path to the lagoon, sobbing hysterically. I mean, she is out of control. Dawn tries to calm down enough to explain the problem: she has a flipper, a retainer with false bottom teeth on it, and she lost it in the lagoon so now she's toothless. And she's really embarrassed about it, to the point where she insists she's going to drop out of the game if she can't get her teeth back. Oh, come on. I told this story already in the recaplet, but when I was in eighth grade, the height of self-consciousness, I dove into a swimming pool and hit my mouth on the bottom and broke one of my front teeth in half. And I still went to school on Monday, since my dental appointment was in the afternoon. So many people have fake teeth, and no one cares. Then again, it's Dawn. She goes into hysterics at the drop of a hat (or tooth), and she gets worse the further into the game she gets.

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