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And she said, "Kiefer, it's 3 AM and I'm feelin' lonely."

Question: What moves even slower than real time? Answer: The Senator Palmer plotline. He arrives back at his office. The Secret Service wants to brief him, but he kicks them out of his office for a minute so he can call Carl The Heavy to see what's up. Carl answers from his car phone and tells Palmer that he hasn't found out any new information…'cause it's only been a whopping fifteen minutes since Palmer told him about the situation in the first place, and chances are that anyone who can tell him anything might just be asleep at this hour. Carl explains this to Palmer, who is unsatisfied with this "excuse." "I need you to find out the source of this story," says Senator Huxtable. "Not first thing in the morning. Now!" Then he hangs up before Carl The Heavy can reason with him. Mrs. Huxtable enters and whines yet again about wanting to know about what's going on. Senator Huxtable explains that he needed to get away for a while. Mrs. Huxtable realizes that he doesn't know about the assassination attempt, and tries to explain the gravity of the situation. "Is that what all the fuss is about?" says Palmer when told about the assassination attempt. "I thought it was something serious." He exits.

Back at CTU, Soul Patch is looking like a professional for a change -- obviously just a cover for the fact that he called Xander Berkeley a few minutes ago. He gets up from his computer when Kiefer walks by and shows him some intriguing information about the downed flight. Apparently, even though the ticketing file indicated that first class was full, the passenger manifest indicated that there was an empty seat, despite the existence of a waiting list. Yeah, I'm sure there was an empty seat as soon as EuroMartin vacated his to sit on Mandy's face. Kiefer tells him to get someone named Rayburn into the office, and then walks over to yet another highly designed section of the CTU offices that we've never seen before, where Nina and Jalapeno are sitting at a computer terminal behind a 1960s Italian-made aluminum-mesh wall divider. Forget what I said last week about the information being retrieved from the key card. It hasn't been retrieved yet. Yes, I'm confused too. But now they have been able to retrieve some information off the key card. It's just an address. They cross-check the address with Palmer's schedule for the coming day, but don't find anything. Kiefer orders Jalapeno -- whose hair is now back in a ponytail, making her bangs a thing onto themselves -- to cross-check the address against Palmer's staff's schedule for the coming day, but for some reason that will take hours. He has a strange eye-contact moment with Soul Patch from across the room as Soul Patch is sipping coffee from a Chicago Cubs cup, and Kiefer decides to leave the office yet again and go check out the address himself.

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