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And she said, "Kiefer, it's 3 AM and I'm feelin' lonely."

Before he does, though, Jalapeno's computer hits a communications snag. The phones are down too. "It's a lockdown!" says Nina as the office extras give each other looks of confusion. Xander Berkeley enters the building with a staff of minions in navy suits. "It's Mason!" says Kiefer to Nina. "Hide the key card!" Jalapeno takes the key card out of the key card drive and hides it -- probably behind her bangs. Mason approaches Nina and explains that they're under lockdown while the men he brought from internal investigations can, well, internally investigate, I guess. What an organized government agency! At 2:59 AM, a disgruntled employee with an attitude problem drops a dime and eight minutes later, a fleet of CIA agents have got their asses out of bed, showered, shaved, thrown on their freshly pressed suits, and locked the place down. If only I could get a late-night pizza delivery that fast. "We're trying to stop an assassination, George," says Nina. "Can't you find anything better to do than this?" Mason explains that since two agents died that night, they have to shut down the office until they investigate fully. "Where's [Kiefer]?" asks Mason, exchanging a knowing glance with Soul Patch. Nina claims not to know, but the right side of the split screen reveals that Kiefer is escaping the building through a side door. Kiefer is prevented from leaving by an II suit who is stationed there, and claims he has to get some work from his car. The suit isn't buying this, so Kiefer has to punch him out and make a break for it. The time is 03:09:12 AM.

The time is 3:13:14. Clockwise from the top left, Spawn is riding in the Purple Van, having momentarily calmed down. Mason is walking around CTU establishing order, and Kiefer is making a getaway in the Kiefmobile. At CTU, Mason is briefing the entire staff on the lockdown and how no one can leave the building or have access to sensitive intelligence. All the extras in the office stand around with their arms crossed as if they're at an office birthday party for an employee they don't like that much. It's like everyone is thinking, "How long after I finish my piece of cake can I go back to my desk and check my horoscope online?" Nina surreptitiously crosses over to where Soul Patch is standing and accuses him of calling Mason. "Somebody had to," says Soul Patch. "Kiefer's out of kontrol." Then they have a little fight over whether Kiefer had anything to do with the two dead agents, and whether Soul Patch's call had anything to do with the Nina-Kiefer-Soul Patch love triangle. An agent walks over to Mason and tells him that Kiefer has left the building. Mason asks Nina where Kiefer is. Nina plays dumb.

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