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Fantastic Four

Now that we've worked that out via flashback, Liam and Sara are explaining to Gil what they think happened. Sara tells him, "We ran the phone numbers on the vic's planner. Everybody checked out except a woman named Tiffany." Gil's all, "No last name?" "Well, the name Tiffany is sufficiently uncommon in Las Vegas for there to be only one," Sara replies. And then, in the real episode, Liam steps in and explains that Tiffany is merely a street name for known prostitute Angela Wheeler. Angela's been missing for a while. Gil looks down at a picture of Paul in a bright red banana sling and concludes, "Anyone who appears this narcissistic may prefer paying for hookers rather than wasting his love on a girlfriend." Or maybe it's just that once he's done loving himself, he doesn't have enough to spread around.

Sara gleefully adds, "As we know, in addition to immune suppression, heart and liver disease, steroid abuse can also cause shrunken testicles, impotence and 'roid rage." That really makes Paul sound like a catch. What woman wouldn't swoon over a tiny-penised narcissist given to bouts of uncontrollable rage? Anyway, Sara theorizes via flashback that Angela made an off-hand quip like, "Looks like you have one muscle that isn't hard," and Paul flew into a rage, screaming, "Wrong! The penis isn't a muscle, but two spongy columns of tissue called the corpora cavernosa, which become engorged with blood upon arousal! And now, you must die for your lack of anatomy knowledge!" Who knew kinesiologists were so uptight? And then Paul killed her.

Sara concludes that "if the DNA from the tissue on the bullet matches Angela --" "You have a sample?" Gil asks. They sure do -- it was collected from her apartment, and Mia's currently matching the two samples while Hodges lurks in the shadows, singing, "Sequence again for me / that DNA…" Gil's all, "Well. No need to carry this on any longer," and Liam comments, "This is like that Edgar Allan Poe story where the victim's heart, under the floorboards, betrays the murderer." Gil replies, "'The Tell-Tale Heart.' I thought you didn't like the classics." "I do when they're about dismembered bodies," Liam replies. Gil arches his brow again, as if to say to Sara, You could have spent the rest of your youth pining over me, but now you're showering with someone who rates literature on the grue scale?

And then we reverse again! Vegas is bright! Shiny! Lights moving! Things rewinding! And now Gil is reverse-brooding! As Sara and Liam go reverse-walking through the Labitrail! And we zoom away from Las Vegas! Slime bubbles back into Paul's eye!

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