A Knight To Remember

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A Knight To Remember

Inside, the Dolt senses that something has gone horribly awry. Piper orders him to orb out immediately, which he does. Pre-Raige breezes through the door with "Remember me?" Piper and Phoebe goggle. Out at the car, the Dolt applies the special tingly touch and Raige reawakens to gasp, "The [Eeevil] Enchantress!" The two peer up at Raige's apartment to find unnatural flashes of light streaking across the windows. Pre-Raige has set several merry little blazes around the place, and exits through the swirling portal she's summoned with the Road Kill. Piper and Phoebe run through their options, then dive through the portal after Pre-Raige. Raige and the Dolt enter just as the portal snaps shut around Phoebe's feet. "What have I done?" Raige breathes. Why, taken us out to the commercial break, of course.

That Clark Kent sure is pretty.

Back from the bone structure that heals the sick and makes sinners weep with the joy of forgiveness, the Dolt stands in Raige's apartment in front of her calendar of classic Vogue covers. The calendar has been flipped to a World-War-One-era illustration of a white-robed woman standing proudly on a hilltop with two American flags unfurled in the breeze. There's a scorch mark on the wall just above it. Make of that what you will. Raige, The Horror, The Napkin, and The Braids are loudly losing their collective shit. The Dolt orders her to focus on the task at hand. Rather than dithering about how weak her present powers are, she should instead embrace the knowledge of how powerful she was in the past and use that strength to find a solution. Whatever, Dolt. Raige thinks for a moment, then proposes she rework the spell that summoned the Road Kill. She might alter the verse so it is she who is summoned to him. They agree that "it's worth a shot." Of Cuervo, maybe. For me. Raige rises to her feet and ad libs the following:

Bring together my prince and me.
His kingdom now I wish to see.
Crossing history to his side,
From myself I will not hide.

It's lousy, but it works. The portal reopens in front of the image of Liberty. Raige passes through, then sticks her head out to drag the Dolt in after her.

Not!tingham. Phoebe and Piper are chained to a wall adjacent to Lady High and The Improbable Portcullis. They bicker. Lady High interrupts to ask who they are and from whence they came. "We're from Disneyland," Phoebe product-places. "Futureworld." Piper grunts at her. "We're witches," Piper more helpfully exposits for Lady High's edification, "and we have the potion that will stop the Enchantress." "Yeah, let's go get her," Phoebe snorts. "Oh! We can't! Because we're chained to a wall!" Piper smacks at her as Lady High gazes Heavenward as if to plead, "Lord, save me from future roles as pointless tertiary characters on smug Spelling-produced WB serials." Word, Lady High. Word.

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