A Knight To Remember

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A Knight To Remember

Up in the attic, Raige pages furiously through the BoS. Phoebe asks Raige if she's certain a Manor move is out of the question. Raige snots back something about that morning's fornication interruption in her apartment, and how her privacy would be further curtailed should she actually live in the same house with the others. Phoebe herself counseled Raige on the necessity of maintaining a life separate from magic, and Raige feels that keeping a home of her own is the best way to do that at the moment. She continues to flip through the Book. Phoebe tells her they've already found the vanquish for Crappy CGI Guy. Raige snorts that she's looking for something else. When Piper inquires as to the topic of Raige's research, Raige refuses to answer. "Look," Piper states flatly. "You may not want to share a bathroom, but when it comes to that Book, it concerns all of us." Raige reveals the whole fairy-tale thing just as she lands on an entry for it. She's surprised and delighted. I, however, am troubled, and this time it's not due to The Horror, which has continued its reign of terror on my television screen. Raige tells the other Ps that the fairy tale was something she created all by herself when she was a child. This contradicts what she told Slampiece Glenn the night before in her bed, but that's not what I have a problem with. She wouldn't want to cop to so odd an imagination in front of a Slampiece, after all. My question is, if Raige made it up herself, how did it end up in Collected Fairy Tales: Fables, Tales and Nursery Rhymes, as was implied in the pre-credits sequence? If it's not in that book, why was the cover illustration of Pre-Raige's castle? I suppose that, given information yet to be revealed in the episode, Pre-Raige's wicked, wicked ways could have entered popular culture in a bastardized form, but far be it from the "writers" to address this possibility. But look at that. Here I am on page six, and we haven't even hit the first commercial break.

Moving along, then -- the entry itself focuses on Pre-Raige, defining her as "a witch who came to the craft late and learned to use it quickly." "She was gifted," the Book notes further, "with the power to conjure the elements and was also skilled at creating potent potions to achieve her goals. Defiant, clever, and independent, she was by far the most powerful witch of the 12th Century." Of course, Raige doesn't bother reading all of this. If she had, she might have thought twice about reciting the full spell from her childhood memory, which appears on the facing page. Recite she does, though, and over in Not!tingham, a whirlwind forms around King Road Kill to drag him into the attic. He's brought The Flute Of Titanic Annoyance with him. He kneels, gazes adoringly at Raige, and bows his head with, "My love!" The camera quickly pulls tight onto Raige's face as her eyeballs pop out into the commercial break.

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