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A Night Of CRAP

Smarty Pants Finals! Live from Detroit! Rod Remington's still hosting, for some inexplicable reason, and the Brainiacs' opponents from Riverfront Academy include "D. Lightman," "L. Dobler," "G. LaChance," and "Travis Strong." Just so you know. Naturally, we arrive just as the teams head into a tiebreaker, and after Artie and the gang take a moment to give a shout-out to their Glee peeps, Rod Remington announces the final category: "Hermaphrodite Nazi Sympathizers." DING! Artie and Brit-Brit positively beam at each other with sly joy right before we finally cut to black.

Next week: An hour and a half of Lady Gaga. God help us all.

Demian needs a drink. You may reach him with cocktail suggestions at

Listen to the Glee version of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" early.

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