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A Night Of CRAP

Cut to Chez Schue, where we find Gwyneth Paltrow warming her bones by the fire as Will scuttles in from the kitchen bearing a pizza he just cooked in the custom-built wood-fired brick oven he just had installed in his backyard on the salary he makes as a public school teacher in the heart of America's Rust Belt. Shut up, Glee. The two settle down across the coffee table from one another to dig in -- oh, who the hell am I kidding? Like Gwynnie's actually going to eat that thing -- and, after they chat about their boring non-relationship for a very lengthy period of time, Will finally manages to pull things back towards this evening's main plot by asking what she thinks of his saltwater taffy idea. To her credit -- hey, credit where credit is due, people -- she thinks it sucks, and she suggests New Directions instead hold a benefit concert entitled "A Night Of Neglect," thereby helpfully name-checking the episode title for those in the audience who thrive on such things. Which is no one, I'm guessing, but there you go. "And you know the best part?" Gwynnie whispers to Will as she leans across the fresh wood-fired brick-oven pizza she has yet to touch.

"We're only gonna do songs by neglected artists!" Mr. Schue shouts out in the music room the next afternoon, answering Gwynnie's question for both the audience and the children, the latter of whom never heard it in the first place, but whatever. Of course, Rachel raises a hand to ask Mr. Schue to define "neglected artist." "Someone whose brilliance isn't always appreciated," Mr. Schue replies, so Rachel naturally reaches the conclusion that he's talking about her while I naturally reach the conclusion that the author of that line is talking about himself. Or maybe he's talking about Gwynnie. It's so hard to tell, given where this episode ends up. In any event, Rachel's supposition elicits a deadly side-eye from Mercedes that will become important later in the evening, but for now, Mr. Schue simply bellows a meaningless series of rah-rah cheers meant to boost the children's egos, or something, before we head into this evening's first commercial break.

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