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Death Becomes Her

Meanwhile, Will and Gunnar have been bailed out of jail by Scarlett. Will tells her he's going to pay her back, and then leaves. Gunnar thanks her and kisses her head, and she walks away, barely looking at him. He catches her and says he's sorry, but she doesn't want to hear it. She's tired of his bullshit, and has tried to fix the situation but can't. She can't be with Gunnar when he's like this. She knows he loves and misses his brother, but says that she fell in love with him and not Jason. She walks away, crying, as Gunnar looks stunned.

Juliette is also crying alone in bed -- the silent, really chilling, red-eyed puffy face crying -- as she watches news coverage of the murder-suicide involving Jolene and Dante. Speculation is that they were both under the influence. There is no mention of their enduring grodiness, but I'd say it's implied. And... you know, can, like, one good thing happen to Juliette, at least? Maybe the CMA award? Or a nice boyfriend? Yes, Avery will do, if Scarlett doesn't snatch him back now that he's won back her heart with an item from the kitchen section at Target.

Rayna goes to see Teddy, wondering if they can't just act like reasonable adults and come to some kind of understanding. She knows that he's scared, and what he's scared of, and tells him that he'll always be Maddie's father. He's trusted her for Maddie's whole life to not do anything to compromise his relationship with his daughter. She says that he has to keep trusting her. And why wouldn't he trust a woman who's smart enough to burn the results of a paternity test after she gets them, or keep them secure in a safe deposit box off-site, or at least store them on a high shelf? Oh, wait. But Teddy believes Rayna when she says she won't harm their father-daughter relationship.

Cut to Maddie on her bed, with the contents of Rayna's big box o'secrets spread out before her. There are a few little files and other tools amongst the pile, so I guess she picked the lock on the box. Maddie is on the phone with a friend, crying. She found -- you guessed it! -- a paternity test, and now she doesn't think that her dad is her father. With Maddie crying, the episode ends, and a nation thinks, "OH SHIT." And also, "Who keeps the results of a paternity test?"

Next week: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Maddie goes to Deacon and tells him that he might be her father, Deacon confronts Rayna, Juliette maybe is about to lose it on live TV, CMA awards, Scarlett leaves Gunnar and sings with Avery, Teddy and Deacon have fisticuffs, and Rayna asks Deacon if he's drunk as he screams at her. I reiterate: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS.

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