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Death Becomes Her

Meanwhile, Rayna and Bucky are at auditions for the label, and she's not feeling any of the ten acts that they've seen. Just as they're ready to hang it up for the day, Will and his big, heterosexual cowboy hat enter. He reminds Rayna that he's Scarlett's friend, and that they met the other night. Bucky tries to get rid of him, saying that they'll listen to his demo and get back to him, but Will notes that he waited until they saw everyone they needed to see before crashing, and is pretty sure they didn't find anything close to what they're looking for. He adds that they've seen a whole lot of guys who bought boots downtown, but what they haven't seen is somebody who can rope a steer. Is that a euphemism? Rayna gets a little smile and you can tell that she likes his bravado, or at least thinks that he's an amusing type of jackass.

And then a very greasy-looking Gunnar is in the radio studio for his big interview. The DJ asks what inspired "Gun for a Mouth," and he lamely says, "It just kind of came to me one night." Yeah, when the police gave you your dead brother's belongings. The DJ goes on about the song feeling a little outside the law and dangerous, and Gunnar squints really hard as he says, "I like to do what I want. I just try to get that into my music." He is a less convincing outlaw than Rick Moranis. Scarlett listens in the car, and has quite a reaction when, to the DJ's question of how this affects his romantic life, Gunnar says, "I do what I want there too, if you get what I mean." Okay, take it down a notch there, Johnny Bravo.

And then we're back with Will, who's singing a song about a showman's life and a lonely wife and pretty girls. So, you know, super authentic, too. He's actually the person on this show whose second season storyline I'm most looking forward to. Anyway, Rayna loves it and tells Bucky to get Will's demo to Marshall, if he can find it.

Juliette and Jolene meet with the security guy, who bears the bad news that Dante never showed up to collect his money. Jolene suggests that they just call him to find out why, and Juliette basically calls her mom a dumb-ass for not recognizing that Dante uses a different disposable phone every day. She hopes that Dante was hit by a bus, so all her problems will be solved. But alas! He's still alive, and calling her from a new number. She puts the call on speaker, and Dante tells her that he saw the security guy with the two million, but realized he made a mistake. He now wants ten million. Juliette tells him that he's insane, but he argues that the tape is worth a lot of money on the internet. If she doesn't get him the money tomorrow, she won't like the questions she gets on the CMA red carpet. Like everything, Juliette blames this predicament on Jolene, saying that it would have been cheaper for her to go to AA like every other addict. She conveniently leaves out the part where she decided to bang the sober companion of her own volition.

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