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Death Becomes Her

Oh God, and then Jolene visits her sleazy dealer. She asks for Oxy, and then tells him that she needs something else too. Something dastardly, we are left to assume, and also germ-infested.

Meanwhile, Rayna calls Deacon with the bad news about the restraining order. The good news is that Deacon can still see Rayna, and without the pesky kids hanging about they can do SO much more making out. I call that a win! Before getting off the phone, Rayna tells Deacon that she loves him. And who should be lurking at the bedroom door but Maddie, who is really excellent at overhearing private conversations! In some ways, Teddy and Rayna are dumb and careless enough to really deserve each other. Close your doors, people! Hide your boxes with important documents that you never should have kept in places where your kids won't find them! Maddie asks Rayna who she was talking to, and after a brief pause Rayna says she was talking to Deacon. She wants Maddie to know that they're seeing each other. Maddie knows that Rayna and Deacon dated before she married Teddy, and wonders if that's why Teddy was so mad at seeing Deacon in the house. Rayna kind of condescendingly tells her that what she's asking about is really grown-up stuff, and private. But she wants Maddie to trust that when Rayna thinks she's old enough, she'll tell her all about it -- because nothing squelches a teenager's curiosity than reasonably stating they're not old enough to know about something.

Back at the tree trunk, Will busts in Scarlett's apartment to tell her that he auditioned at the top-secret event that Scarlett told him about. Scarlett is clearly mortified, but Will assures her that it went well. She approves of his moxie, and notes that he's just being himself, which is refreshing. Speaking of being yourself or not, Scarlett notes that Gunnar's outlaw thing has gone way too far. She asks Will to talk to him, and when he's hesitant she points out that, since he used her name to go see Rayna, it's the least he could do.

And then we're with Juliette and Rayna, who are rehearsing their CMA presentation banter. When Juliette sees her part on the teleprompter -- which entails musing about whether she and Rayna should form a group -- she asks the producers if she really has to say that. They want her to stick to the script and she says, "Even if it's dumb?" All charm, that one! The banter -- which also entails Rayna responding that she thinks she's washing her hair that night -- IS dumb, but so is all award show banter not crafted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The producers take a break, and Rayna gives Juliette the biggest eyeroll as they walk offstage. Deacon is of course there waiting, and Juliette instantly pegs that they're together. Rayna says that they've always been friends, but Juliette isn't buying it. A stagehand gives the ladies bottles of water, and while Rayna accepts hers with a thank you, Juliette calls the guy incompetent for giving her water that's not cold enough. Someone needs to teach her the "you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" lesson. It's not Rayna, who spits out that she'd like Juliette to be professional for once. Juliette says she will, once she gets respect from everyone from the PA to the CMA, and Rayna tells her she needs to earn that. She finishes by telling Juliette that if she does happen to win the award, it doesn't mean she's earned anything. Aww, if only those two could be nice to each other more often. That one time it happened for five seconds it was so refreshing!

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