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Death Becomes Her

We then catch up with outlaw Gunnar, playing at a grungy bar. Will is in the crowd, looking on in disbelief as Gunnar invites audience members to buy him a shot at the bar during the break. When Will confronts him at the bar, it is not to buy him a shot, but to be a recipient of ultra Johnny Bravo-esque remarks such as, "This probably isn't the best place for you to be right now... that hat and that buckle. It's not the scene, man." Will points out that it's also not the best place for Gunnar, who should always play his music in a butterfly garden. Just as Gunnar is telling Will to buzz off, a tough guy at the bar asks Gunnar where he did time. He asks with the certainty of a man who recognizes Gunnar as a poser, and things escalate. Will tells the dude to keep his mouth busy with the cheap beer he's been sucking, and then the guy throws the first punch. Fisticuffs ensue.

And then it's crisis meeting time for Juliette. She'd have to liquidate a lot of assets to get the $10 million in cash but, as Jolene notes, addicts are never satisfied. As Juliette recognizes that Dante will never stop, Jolene freaks out, saying that Juliette deserves none of this and didn't do anything wrong. Um, except bang her addict mother's sober coach. With a vacant stare, Juliette says they can let Dante sell the video. She adds to call The View and tell them she has an exclusive. And just take a moment here to imagine Barbara Walters saying, "Juliette Barnes and Dante Rivas were former romantic partners." Jolene freaks out some more, mentioning the new album and CMAs. Juliette says that they already counted the votes anyway. By going public, Dante makes less money and the world will find out what they already know -- Juliette's a trainwreck. She then dismisses everyone, including Jolene and goes to take a bath. But she leaves her phone on the couch, and Jolene jots down a number on her arm. You know, like an addict would.

After a break, Rayna heads to Lamar's. She's wearing a gold lame suit, so he'll mistake her for riches and like her even more. Seriously, WTF is she wearing? Anyway, Rayna is impressed that Lamar is reading and drinking tea, like a relaxed human. He's even wearing a cozy sweater! Rayna has stopped by en route to the Opry to ask him a favor -- something she hasn't done since she was 16. She explains that Teddy has served her with a restraining order to keep the girls away from... (nervous pause)... Deacon. Lamar jumps in to say that Teddy's rationale doesn't matter to him -- e.g., he doesn't really care if Rayna's boning Deacon, since Teddy is the enemy now. He says he'll take care of it, adding that this is what happens when you move up the ranks too quickly -- you get too big for "the britches." A) Well, who is the one who moved him up the ranks so quickly? B) I love how he says "the britches," like when Millie says "the pot" on Freaks and Geeks.

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