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Doin' It And Doin' It And Doin' It Well

Oh, no -- Cameron still has a job. She also has a new shade of hair, but has managed to keep that assertive attitude that immediately buckles when House assigns her to do his extra Clinic hours while he goes to treat a patient in prison. Foreman thinks that treating convicted murderers is a waste of their time. House doesn't think you can really make distinctions like that, pointing out that if they did, Foreman would surely suffer for it, given his juvenile record that those new viewers may not have known about and therefore must be mentioned. House goes off to jail, Foreman and Chase go off to not do extra Clinic hours, each giving Cameron a pat on either shoulder as they leave.

The Warden exposits that House's newest patient has killed two inmates and one guard on top of the person he was sent here for killing in the first place. House claims to have a great bedside manner, and the Warden says that LL is too dangerous to go to the hospital infirmary, so they put him in an office supply closet after removing anything he could use as a weapon...OR DID THEY? LL is chained to the bed, but the Warden still prefers to stay as far away as possible. He asks House to give him his cane, too, since it is dangerous.

Remember when I said I wanted to see the Cottages doing their Clinic hours? Well, I was wrong. Cameron's patient is a young woman with a "little cough" who needs a health clearance to start her job at Princeton. Cameron asks for a family history, and the patient -- Cindy -- brightly replies that her mom died of cancer when she was little and that her dad's heart "gave out" a few years ago. She grins at this, as if she were talking about puppies rather than dead loved ones, and adds that there are no brothers and sisters, although she did have a husband once, "but..." and Cameron assumes the face of Bonding with a Fellow Tragic Young Widow until Cindy concludes that it ended in divorce. Cameron just stands there staring at Cindy until Cindy asks if her test results are in the file Cameron's holding. Cameron's all, "Oh yeah! My job," and she looks at a chest x-ray and makes a face. "Is everything okay?" Cindy asks.

I'm gonna go with no, since Cameron's next stop is Wilson the Oncologist's office for a consult. He takes one look at it and scoffs that Cameron doesn't need a consult for a clear-cut diagnosis. "All she has is a cough," Cameron protests. Wilson wishes he were taking care of that Death Row inmate he saw on the hospital mainframe (password: canesarehot) instead of getting stuck holding this whiny little girl's hand.

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