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Doin' It And Doin' It And Doin' It Well

Foreman and Chase are sitting around in the meeting room when House enters and starts doing a differential diagnosis for LL Cool J. Cameron comes in and is appalled not only that is House focusing on a patient that isn't hers, but that it's a guy on Death Row. "That's who you're working on instead of Cindy?" Cameron asks, totally missing the point. House isn't working on anyone "instead" of Cindy; he isn't going to work on Cindy, period. It wouldn't matter if he had ten cases or none. Unlike LL, Cindy's diagnosis is clear and therefore does not need the work of a diagnostician. House explains the definition of "dying" to Cameron, and she self-righteously says that she took an oath to do no harm, like House is somehow harming her patient by not treating her when really, if he were to treat Cindy instead of LL, he wouldn't be helping Cindy at all and he'd be harming LL by not treating him. Shut up, Cameron. House calls her patient "Cindylou Who," which is awesome, and then Foreman asks if they can get on with their jobs because he apparently hates Dr. Seuss. House calls LL Foreman "homie," and Foreman sarcastically says that since both he and LL are black, they must be the same and have the same opinions about everything. Chase snickers at this, because he and Foreman have a tenuous friendship, and Foreman adds that LL's problems are probably caused by heroin addiction. Chase asks how a guy on Death Row gets heroin, and Foreman laughs at him derisively. As I said, that friendship is pretty tenuous. House says that when they have a yachting question, they'll throw it over to Chase, who's just as sick of the rich-boy jokes as Foreman is of the poor-boy ones. House orders a tox screen on everything tox screenable, including hair, which might be a bit difficult considering that LL doesn't have any. Foreman and Chase run off to do their jobs, but Cameron insolently stays behind to glare at House until he gives her the universal hand signal for "after you/please leave now."

In the hall, Cameron takes her anger over the fact that she sucks as a doctor and a person out on the innocent Chase and Foreman, who were apparently supposed to have her "back." She says she figured Chase would be against the death penalty, having gone to a seminary (that's right, new viewers!), and the logic of Chase following the church's tenets because of his previous experience falls immediately flat when you look at Chase's way-too-tight-in-the-crotch-area pants. What God made, he doesn't necessarily want everyone to be able to see the outline of.

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