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Doin' It And Doin' It And Doin' It Well

Cameron wants to put LL on a bicarb drip that should keep him alive long enough to be executed, and Foreman agrees. House says their job is to diagnose and cure patients, not make them better temporarily. The he totally shuts the blinds in Stacy's face, which was awesome. The Cottages stare, and House explains that "Mommy and Daddy had a little fight. It doesn't mean we've stopped loving you," which I would have loved if the Mommy was Cuddy and not Stacy. House orders an arterial blood gas and sends the kids on their way.

House looks around as he exits the meeting room, finds the hallway Stacy-free, and sneaks out in the opposite direction of his office -- only to walk smack into Stacy Stoneface. He's impressed by her ninja skills, and asks her to guess what number he's thinking of. Stacy's guess is "Are you trying to get me fired?," which is not a number. Stacy tells House that if he didn't want to work with her, he should have just said so, and not tried to get her fired. House says he doesn't mind her working in the hospital; he just doesn't want her in his office. Stacy says that since she's a lawyer and House is a jerk, "there's bound to be some overlap." "I hope that was a euphemism," House says. If he means that he's hoping she meant they'd be having sex, I have to disagree. "Cuddy just reamed me!" Stacy continues. "I hope that one means what I think it means," House says, having delightful fun at Stacy's expense, which is always the best kind of fun. Stacy keeps going, saying that Cuddy told her that one of her reasons for hiring her was to have someone in the hospital who could keep House in check. House says that the number he was thinking of was six. He was probably thinking of Cameron's mental age when he thought of it. "I need to know can I trust you?" Stacy says without pausing between that "know" and "can" like I'm pretty sure she was supposed to. If it gets her off my screen sooner, though, I'm all for it. House says that he lied to Stacy because if he hadn't, his patient would have died. "Great. Now I know," Stacy bitches.

Foreman gets ready to take some blood from LL's femoral artery, which is near his groin. LL and his fake teeth balk at this, and Foreman says that, at this point, LL's jewels are really more for decorative purposes than they are for practical use anyway. LL demands painkillers. Foreman goes to inject them, and his coat sleeve lifts to reveal a tattoo just above his wrist that we've never seen before. LL assumes that it's a gang sign, but Foreman says it's a Native American symbol that means "force of life." More like "force of lame." Also, it's a good thing Foreman wore long sleeves when he interviewed to become a Cottage. Or maybe he got this tattoo afterwards, hoping it would get him fired so that he could work for a non-racist boss. LL doesn't believe him, and asks Foreman how he went from "gangbanging" to being a doctor. Foreman loses it a little, and angrily asks how LL went from loving a woman to murdering her, and LL isn't laughing anymore. He does answer the question, however: "Bitch stepped out." Foreman glares at LL while the wheels in his head turn and he tries to think of a way to use that to get rid of Cameron. Then he stabs LL with the needle, apologizing for "accidentally" not giving him enough painkillers.

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