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Doin' It And Doin' It And Doin' It Well

The results of the blood gas are back, and House is pleased to report that they show Cameron was wrong, wrong, wrong! Also, they have a new symptom for LL: anion gap acidosis. Any ideas? Foreman has one: back in his juvie days, kids used to sell oregano, pretending it was pot. I have a feeling that happens out of juvie, too, Foreman. I know we all have to re-learn these characters' identities, but I wish Foreman's role on the show wasn't reduced to the fact that he's black and has a criminal past. He wonders if LL thought he was doing heroin, but was actually doing something else. House asks what something else would cause anion gap acidosis, and Chase says "mudpiles." House tells him to wash his hands before he comes back, and Chase impatiently explains that it's a mnemonic device, not a bathroom request. The "M" stands for "methanol," down to the "I," which stands for "INH," which is where House stops them. INH (isoniazid) treats tuberculosis. TB is common in prison, which means that INH is, too. Maybe LL Kill J ODed on it. House asks for a volunteer to go to LL's cell and find his "secret stash." The white people all look to Foreman, who rolls his eyes and volunteers. He's on his way out when House orders Chase to go. Chase shoots him a look and asks if House has a reason for that "beyond making [him] completely miserable." House says Chase has a pretty mouth, so maybe the inmates will "open up to him." Also, House is still a little bitter about the whole Vogler-tattle thing last season, I suspect.

House eats a sandwich and enjoys his daily dose of General Hospital. Wilson enters the room, takes in the scene, and points out that House is in a patient's room. With a patient in it. Who is comatose. And House is using his prostrate form as a table. Nothing gets your appetite going like having a styrofoam container and a thin sheet separating your food from a sick, unwashed old man's deal. House says that if they're going to put a TV in a coma patient's room, someone might as well use it. Wilson has a seat on the other side of the coma patient, his moral issues about this apparently dealt with, and asks House if he knows why people are nice to each other. House says it's either because people are decent and caring, or -- and this is obviously the explanation he favors -- because people are cowards and they're afraid that if they're mean to people, people will be mean to them. Then he whisks the open bag of potato chips away from Wilson as Wilson says that whether House likes people or not, he needs them, and he needs them to like him, if only for the simple reason that House is going to need another court order sometime in the future and he's going to need someone to get it for him, which might be difficult if the hospital's lawyer hates him. "If Stacy can't trust you, you can't use her," Wilson says, looking pained to say this, either because he's annoyed that Stacy put him up to this or he just doesn't like the idea of using people. Whatever the reason, House offers Wilson a potato chip as his way of agreeing with him and thanking him for telling House this. Wilson doesn't take the chip because he's too busy thinking that House intends to win Stacy back and make her dump her sick husband. "Bros before hos, man," House says, sticking out a fist. Wilson does not respond in kind, and then House's pager goes off. LL is dying.

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