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e didn't want another child, but when she started thinking about the possible baby..."I really wanted her." Patch: "A her?" Rose says yes, she was hoping for a girl -- appropriately fingered and toed, of course. Patch says he never felt more useful in this world than the day he became a father. Rose tells him that they raised two wonderful children with good hearts. Patch: "The girl's going to Princeton, for heaven's sake. I'd say we did fantastic." ["Just don't let her start an internet business. Heh." -- Sars] He tells her he read an article about a lady in Budapest who gave birth in her seventies. Rose says they have a couple decades on her. Patch says they could try, if she wanted. Rose is delighted. Louise arrives with the X-rays. Patch puts them up on his little light box thing, and Rose says she's free that very night, if he'd like to start trying again. Aw. Patch says that sounds good to him. He says he doesn't see any visible fractures in Rose's back, but they'll set up a scan just to be certain. Rose says she's got to get home. Patch says he's right behind her. Something bad is going to happen.

Back at Dimples's house, it appears that Veneers has gone bar-hopping. Good riddance. Treat and Dimples are eating Nina's food. Dimples says he doesn't know how she does it -- her cooking is like magic. He says he doesn't know what just happened. Treat: "I'll tell you what happened; your brother came here and decided to stir the pot. That's what families do, and that's what makes the holidays so fun." Dimples says he knew his brother would pull something like this, because he always does. He says he thought he was happy, but maybe he's not. Treat says he got the same pitch when he moved to Everwood, about how he was crazy, and he'd miss the city, and never last a year. Dimples asks what made him stop listening. Treat says it wasn't any great epiphany or anything, but he knows that Nina's worth it. "I was a disaster when I got here. Nina was the first friend I had...and she saved me from myself more times than she should have." Dimples says he knows. Treat tells him he is surely not going to find somebody like her in L.A., so he better recognize. Dimples gives Treat a funny look, and says he just figured something out, the way Treat and Nina are so close, and he gets it. Treat asks what he gets. Dimples: "Why Nina was in love with you." Treat stops short. Dimples is all, "You had to know." Treat obviously didn't know, but doesn't say anything. Dimples tells Treat the big irony is, he actually told Nina to go for it, and he really respects Treat for not wanting to risk their friendship like that. Treat looks like he might throw up. Well, Treat, I hate to have to tell you this: Life sucks.

Amy and Ephram, on their "date." Ephram asks if they should get some coffee. Amy says sure, and tells him that she thinks she's made a decision: she's going to Princeton. She starts to talk about how it's going to be so great, and New Jersey is really close to New York, and when they get an apartment together, it'll be so perfect! Ephram is like, "Wait a minute, sister. I don't know what I'm doing next year, but it might not include living in New York." Amy doesn't understand. Ephram finally has to tell her that they're not actually dating, and she can't plan his life around him anymore. Amy says she knows, but she totally does not. Ephram tells her how happy he is for her, and how proud of her, and how relieved he is that he wrote that essay. Amy's all, "YOU? You wrote the essay?" Ephram says Patch filled out the application, but he wrote the essay. Amy says she didn't know, but seems oddly not that upset about it. Ephram says it's not a big deal; she got in because of her grades, which...no, but whatever. Amy nods. Ephram says she can't make him a part of her college decisions anymore, because he has no idea what he's doing. Amy says it's fine; she gets it. Ephram goes to get their coffee, and we go to commercials.

We come back to Dimples's house. Veneers is getting ready to leave, praise the Lord and pass the vodka. Dimples tells his brother that he was doing just fine with Nina, until he showed up. Veneers says he's just calling it like he sees it. Dimples tells him to stick to his damn 1040s and retirement accounts. Veneers says fine, and pulls out the taxes. He tells Dimples that he's got a serious revenue issue, and he's not going to make it if he doesn't ramp up his patient load. Dimples says that's kind of hard with two other doctors in town. Veneers reminds him that he used to rake it in with all those cosmetic peels and microdermabrasion and everything. Dimples doesn't think there's a big market for that in Everwood. Veneers tells him to do what he wants, but he's not going to survive if he doesn't do something, especially if he's planning on taking care of Nina and Sam on top of that. Dimples says Nina doesn't need him to take care of her. Veneers: "Maybe not. But you want to." That is, I swear, the only thing he has said that hasn't been completely ridiculous. Dimples looks pensive. Veneers's ride honks, and he leaves. God bless us all.

Abbott House. Patch tells Amy that he and Rose will be out for a few hours. They're clearly going to where the bad news lives. Amy says that's fine. She goes to her jewelry box and pulls out the necklace Ephram gave her earlier this year. When she goes to put it on, she flashes back to the moment he gave it to her, and finds that she can't. Aw, Amy. I don't think I have to tell you what sucks.

Nina is out in her yard planting flowers when Dimples walks up holding a pot. He tells her that a toothbrush works even better than steel wool on stuck-on risotto -- especially when the toothbrush is your brother's. Heh. Nina smiles a little bit, and tells him that's actually his pot. Silly Dimples. He starts to apologize to Nina for last night. Nina says she knows, Veneers thinks he should go home. Dimples says he's so sorry his brother is such a jackass. Nina says he was being just that: a brother. I beg to differ, but let's move on. Dimples says his brother has no idea what he needs, and certainly not what he wants. He admits that maybe he was running when he moved to Everwood, but that doesn't matter, because everything has changed now. Nina: "It has?" Dimples says yes, it has. "You say 'no' when you mean no. You say 'yes' when you mean yes. There's no pretending. I haven't had that so far with anyone, ever. And so far, you're still here." Nina says she's not going anywhere. Dimples grabs her around the waist and says, "Neither am I. I love you." YAY! Nina says, "I love you, too." They kiss. It's pretty hot.

Brown House. Amy arrives, and thanks Ephram for letting her stop by. They sit down, and Amy holds up her necklace. She asks him if he remembers when he gave it to her. Ephram does. Amy says what she remembers is him telling her that the circle represented infinity, and she's a little bit confused about why he said that. Ephram asks her what she's confused about, exactly. Amy says, to her, when someone says "infinity," it means "forever" -- not like the promise of forever, she clarifies, more like the possibility of forever. "I guess that I thought that you thought it was possible. But you never did, not really, did you? You bought the necklace after you wrote the essay." Emily VanCamp, once again, is acting the fool out of this scene, and I love her. You do not suck, Emily VanCamp, even though life does. Ephram says he doesn't remember, and when he wrote that essay... "You didn't think we'd work," Amy interrupts. "I remember that conversation, too. And I remember feeling so confident that we would. I had no idea that you were so not confident." Ephram says it's not that, it's just that he wanted her to have every possible option. "When I said 'infinite,' I meant it. I did always want you in my life; I still do, in whatever way possible." Amy asks if that means like friends. Ephram says maybe, but that's better than not at all, right? Amy says she

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