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knows it's crazy, but asks if he ever thought they might end up together, like, married. Ephram says he doesn't know, but it sounds kind of unlikely, and maybe a part of him never did believe. "Believe in what?" Amy asks. Ephram: "That you ever really love somebody that much, enough for forever." Amy says what's funny about that is that she really did believe that. She tells him that this whole time he's been thinking about her, always making sure that she was okay. Ephram asks if that's wrong. Amy says no, of course not. "It's just that I was always thinking about us." Aw, man, she's crying. Amy puts the necklace down on the table. Ephram says he's sorry. Amy kisses him on the head and walks out. Sniff.

Hospital. A tech tells Rose she's almost done. Patch stands behind the doctor, who's pointing at a screen. She says, "You can see it here, in the L3 vertebra. I'd say the tumor's about three centimeters at this point." Patch looks at Rose, who's still in the MRI room and has no idea what's going on. The look on Patch's face is like torture. We fade to the credits. LIFE SUCKS.

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