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Zero To 60 In Three Days

Metropolis. Jane Seymour's pad. It's dark in the room this time. Papa Luthor is admiring a bottle of wine that she's offering -- a 1961 Bordeaux. He chuckles, honored. Jane pours wine for them both. She says she assumes that his visit is worth celebrating. "Don't all my visits deserve to be celebrated?" he asks, slyly. "Some more than others," she replies. Papa sniffs his wine. Jane leans forward and asks if he has something for her. He says he most certainly does. He clinks glasses with her and says it's to the resolution of their problems. She drinks while he continues only to sniff. Do you see what's coming? He watches her with evil intent and then turns away. He tells her that parenthood is an interesting phenomenon. As he walks away from her, we see in the background that she's lowering her hand with the glass and looks like she's choking. She touches her neck. Evil music. "The lengths we go to, to protect our children," Papa says. She drops her glass. It shatters on the floor. "No limits," he says. She manages, "What have you done to me?" She chokes some more and falls to the floor. She retches and gags. Papa puts his glass on a shelf and walks to her. "The wine you have just drunk will kill you in a matter of minutes. I'm told that the pain will be excruciating." She holds her neck and watches him in horror. Papa proposes a trade. She'll give him the artifact she stole from Margot Kidder and he'll give her the antidote. He whips out a vial with blue liquid. Mmm, Windex. She reaches for it. "And one more thing," Papa says, squinting at her magnificently. "You go near my son, and anything that happens to him happens to you." War drums play. Seriously. He asks her if she understands. She nods. He shakes the vial toward her as if she's being naughty. "The element, Genevieve. Where is it?" The music comes to a crescendo. Eeeeeevil!

Kent porch. Most depressed Clark ever. He's lost best friend and ratings all in one year! A screen door opens and closes: Bo and MamaKent have come to comfort Clark. Bo gives Clark a hearty pat on the shoulder and tells him he did everything he could. MamaKent says that Evan knew that. Clark asks how they dealt with his frequent disappearances and running-offs. Bo says it's tough, but comes with the territory. Let us now read from the Book of Platitudes, Duke 21:17: "Every parent's greatest fear is that they'll one day lose their child forever." Clark sighs and says that raising a kid is the toughest job in the world. MamaKent says it's also the most rewarding. She just lost her crack pipe. Bo says that there's nothing like watching your son grow up to be a young man you can be very proud of. Or, you know, someone like Clark. Clark says it's too bad he won't know what that's like. "Why not?" MamaKent asks. "I'm from another planet," he says, straight-faced. "I'm not even human. Who knows if I can have kids?" MamaKent says she and Bo couldn't have children and they were still blessed with a son. She says you never know. You just don't. Long close-up on Clark.

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