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Rocky (Hit The) Road

Credits. The full-length credits have returned, and with them, the shots of people I entirely forgot. What's a Jessica?

Back from commercials, it's Day 17 at Moto, where everyone is waking up happy and preparing for breakfast. Earl reminds us that the new Moto is made up of three old Ravus and three old Motos, so it stands as a tie, assuming that alignment predominates. I'm not sure it would, because Cassandra doesn't seem to me to have any interest in Stacy and Boo, but maybe she has some weird tribal loyalty I'm not aware of. Anyway, Earl says that they need to accomplish a sort of power shakeup, and he and Yau Man want to use the idol to do it. So Earl takes the rest of the group on an expedition to get the boat, which it has apparently stranded somewhere. Yau Man stays behind, wink wink. Never leave the crafty computer engineer in camp alone. Never!

As soon as the rest of the tribe is out of sight, Yau Man fetches the pickaxe. Because, see, they have much better tools here with which to dig. This is a lot better than a dull machete. He strikes at the dirt, breaking up the surface easily.

Elsewhere, the tribe walks.

When we return to Yau Man, he now has a shovel. I sense an escalating series of tools, reminiscent of Wil trying to break open the ice globe in the most hilarious sequence in Amazing Race finale history. He digs the hole.

The tribe walks on the beach and finds the boat stranded by the high tide.

Back at camp, Yau Man keeps digging. And then...there it is. He pulls out a little parcel wrapped in cloth, and he holds it up toward the camera and shakes it at us gleefully, wearing a huge grin. "This is my...this is my million dollars," he says in disbelief. He goes and sits on a trunk to untie it, and immediately owns up to the fact that he's lucky he's not currently participating in a "knot-untying contest." He finally produces a...turtle on a rope. No, really. It's a turtle figurine, kind of, and it's on a long rope. He first pronounces it "the one and only immunity idol," which is divinely not the case. He backtracks to say that there are actually two immunity idols, of course, but...this is the only one for now. Yau Man puts the idol around his neck, saying, "This is mine...this is mine." He says that it looks good on him, and then he actually sticks out his tongue and rubs his pecs. Not even kidding. He touches himself like Simon Cowell. He's all atwitter with excitement, and admits, "I'm going to jump out of my skin here!" And then he smooches the turtle. Hee. That's actually one of the least gross kisses on this show ever, which is kind of surprising. And then Yau Man coos in a high voice, "Little turtle!" And he kisses it again. That's just a beautiful scene, and a great example of what irrational exuberance looks like. Yau Man then sets about covering up the big giant hole he's made before the tribe comes back. He fills it in as he tells us that because Earl helped him to get time to hunt for the idol, he will tell Earl that he found it. He adds that he's agreed to share the use of the idol when the time comes for it. Yau Man completes the cover-up of the ground where he dug, and then it's time to pretend to be doing something other than kissing turtle props. He sits down and putters with a coconut, and then we see the tribe returning from its long, long walk. "My arms are falling off," he complains, presumably in reference to his very, very long work period while they were gone. It's actually probably true, and it's not like he needs to tell them it's from digging. He asks if they retrieved the boat, and Cassandra says that they didn't. He apologizes for not going along, but they tell him there wasn't much he could have done. It does strike me that staying behind in a situation like that carries its own risk of making you look weak and/or lazy, but I think it's safe to say at this point that it paid off for Yau Man.

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