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Rocky (Hit The) Road

Earl stands near Yau Man and says something about the fishing nets, and Yau Man takes the opportunity to tell Earl that the two of them can go off and (wink wink) talk about untangling the net. As the two of them walk off together, Yau Man interviews that he never really expected to make a good friend, and then we see him tell Earl that they have the idol, which news Earl takes in stride. Yau Man says that he wouldn't necessarily have thought that the "big strong black man" would be his best ally. I know how it sounds, but I think he's talking strictly in terms of predictability, in the sense that people have shown some historic tendency on this show to bond with other people demographically similar, or similar in "type" (as far as buff dudes or whatever) to themselves. So I think I get what Yau Man's saying, though he might have regretted it when he saw it on TV. Yau Man shows the idol to Earl, who then interviews that he and Yau Man have it worked out that they're going to use it together on whoever is in position to be voted out first, so they really do believe they can essentially "share" use of the thing. Yau Man happily describes to Earl how he dug and dug for the thing, and how happy he was to find it. "Hopefully, there's a power change," Earl interviews. Yau Man tells Earl that they'd make a good F2. I agree, though in some ways, they'd be terrible F2 partners for each other, because they're both so likable. They'd probably both be better off taking someone obnoxious like Boo. The tragedy of the nice people eating each other is always the worst part of the season.

Challenge time. Jeff welcomes the tribes, pointing out that Anthony was sent home at the last tribal council (which undoubtedly surprises no one), and that Lisi joined Ravu this morning. He explains that, in today's challenge, each tribe will use a flamethrower -- a thing you hold in your hand, not a machine like a catapult -- to throw fireballs at three perhaps tablecloth-sized targets on the ground a ways away. Each team has three targets to hit; first tribe to hit all three will win. And what's the reward? Well, tomorrow morning, the winning tribe will get to go to an arcade. Like an arcade, with air hockey. The only food and drink will apparently be hot dogs and beer. I'm not sure I'm crazy about this reward, compared to big picnics with massages and so on. But they agree that it's worth playing for, of course, because even Couch Camp doesn't have an arcade.

We get underway with Earl and "Dreamz." Earl misses, while "Dreamz" hits on the first try. Well, you know, he grew up on the streets, where you have to throw fireballs to defend yourself, so it's no wonder. Next, Michelle and Lisi both miss. As Yau Man steps up for Moto against Edgardo for Ravu, Mookie starts poking all his Ravu buddies, making fun of how Yau Man won't even be able to hold the flamethrower up, pantomiming a quivering, doddering old man. That would be, of course, the old man who won his Sumo wrestling challenge when Mookie lost his. Alex grins appreciatively at the hilarity. Edgardo misses. Yau Man...well, he hits. Go to hell, Mookie. "Old guy's good for some good," Yau Man points out. Hey, if the only thing you accomplish is making Mookie look ridiculous, you'll be good with me, dude. Boo misses by only a little. Mookie hits. So now, Ravu is up 2-1. Next up are Cassandra and Alex. Both miss. Now, Stacy and Rocky both lose. Earl and "Dreamz" go, and Earl misses. "Dreamz," who explains that he doesn't drink and thus prefers hot dogs to beer, makes the last hit, and Ravu is victorious. Of course, now Ravu is all one big happy family, and Rocky loves "Dreamz," whom he hated about a week ago in real time. Ravu decides to send Earl to Exile Island, on the theory that he's already been, so he knows all there is about the immunity idol, and this way, nobody else finds out anything. The tribes are sent home, Ravu tasting its first victory ever. Oh, the glory of the win! They get to play foosball! Somebody pinch me.

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